Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Democratic plan to block birth control

(Reposted from 09/2008)

I have uncovered details of a new, publicly-announced governmental act that will prevent women in numerous foreign countries from having access to birth control, or indeed, sexual freedom of any kind. This heinous plan is actually put forth by the Democratic Party and Barack Obama. Any true feminists need to instantly speak out against it, and pledge that they will refuse to vote for Barack Obama unless he instantly denounces this plan!

This plan involves deploying the U.S. military to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where it will pursue alleged "terrorists." While doing so, it will use so-called "precision strikes" to destroy the uteruses, bodies, and entire reproductive systems of these innocent women. One small example of this phenomenon is this mass murder of innocent women in Afghanistan.

Actions like these will have the obvious effect of denying these women access to birth control. And, since it involves killing them, it is much more important that we crusade against this denial of their right to birth control than we do against, say, a local pharmacist refusing to grant birth control to an American woman, so she has to drive across the street to get it.

Who's with me? Who will take a stand against Barack Obama and his hideous plan to deny birth control and reproductive freedom to the women of the far east?

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  1. Every now and then I come across an essay or a blog post and find myself seething with jealousy because I hadn't thought to write it.

    This is one such blog post.