Sunday, November 13, 2011

Clean water has no value! And is easy to come by!

Here, Mr. Wolff suggests that water and air are valueless in terms of exchange, because they're so easy and cheap to come by. Response follows:

It is quite thoroughly, terribly American to state that water is easy to come by such that it doesn't have a price.

This one would quote Coleridge, but it's too painful. And in case anyone else didn't notice it, "clean" (i.e., real) air is also not readily available. Does this one really need to provide links about water quality in Africa? Georgia? Poor America?

What an awful, ignorant fantasy. Yet, without that, how would one justify an arcane overexploration of the esoteric philosophical inanity that lurks within the well-heeled thoughts of the western university, solvers of all the world's problems since the 19th century? Everyone has clean water and air, so we can ignore those things and focus only on LIBOR rates! You sad, sheltered richies.

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