Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sex and Drones, Part 1

The evil of fearful consciousness leads to the repression of sexuality, including the establishment and classification of fixed (black v. white-type dichotomy) sexes, sexualities, and associated social roles. Social stratification and authority glorification, on the road to a cold forever, are most effectively accomplished by severing entities from the sensation of flowing life, ergo sex and sexuality.

Humans are, essentially, "female." Human embryos are initially female, e.g., they are provided with the throwback tools of life creation, namely the coding to produce eggs, wombs, placenta, milk, et cetera, along with the associated chemical cocktails for infant bonding and group cohesion. As human brains evolved larger for a survival advantage, female human hip structures spread, creating for a load-bearing and distance-traveling inefficiency, yet allowing for the species to continue mental development.

Expendable, shorter-lived "male" humans developed through the intermix of steroid compounds with the female embryo, equipping the resultant entities, like so much tumbleweed, for traveling, physical contest, and the production and cultivation of comparatively limitless genetic material with which to fertilize the original humans and assist in reproduction.

Interesting side effects resulted from this advanced sexual division, similar to those found in many other species which include drone "male" disseminators: the steroid compound and travel/contest physical structuring of the males, combined with advanced neural nets, allowed the development of social structures in which male units could physically (with the resultant and associated "mentally" thrown in) dominate the species. Ghosts arising from said neural nets could then perpetuate and justify this structuring, passing on cultural memes of sexual role denial, and its constant bedfellow: classification with a limited number of columns (generally two).

The associated memes here, in the case of humans, are in recent history, "patriarchy," or its successor "feminism." Each meme, from its most minute to fullest expression, relies upon the implicit repression and classification of (generally human) sexuality, with the ultimate (and primarily culturally/individually subconscious) motivation of transforming the sexual entity into an entity detached from sex (ergo, life and the living world).

Patriarchy. Deep patriarchy instills masculine authority based upon strength, roving ability, and affiliated mental processes, including spontaneous spatial dynamics. Patriarchy passes social lineage based on fatherhood, and commands a lack of authority and/or autonomy for women. Its overall flaws are in vesting authority based on strength, particularly in a species so relatively weak compared to Earth's other inhabitants. Patriarchy's social structures tend against greater inherent female mental autonomy, group stability, and offspring connection, tying these concepts to an impossibly detached idea of male lineage.

Negative effects of patriarchy

Sexual repression. Males and females are encouraged to produce viable male heirs, and raise them within a patriarchal caste system, reducing the potential of unions of multi-mate, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual, transrace, transspecies variety, and inhibiting further genetic dispersal, evolutionary mutation and life development. Individual mental desires and self- & world-exploration are stunted; relationships, love, lust and social restructuring are repressed. All human art and expression that would spring from the above are never created.

Masculine cultivation. Males are encouraged to over-cultivate "masculine" qualities to the hypermasculine, exploiting human physical strength and mental/spatial aggressiveness for the purpose of hypercontest, leading to war, slaughter and torture. Qualities deemed "feminine" are downplayed. All of the traditional Anglo-American aspects of femininity are the finest human qualities: nurturing; empathy; forgiveness; sacrifice; peaceful acceptance. Males are discouraged in the expression of the same, as females are discouraged in the expression and development of physical strength and mental/spatial feats. The species and the living world lose the wonders and achievements of "males" who might otherwise have nurtured in new and fantastic ways, and females who might otherwise have explored and developed in new and fantastic ways; social stability comes to rely on violent authoritarian control (war; police; the traditional "state" with its associated masculine rulers under various terms--king, lord, premier, president, rich), rather than shared empathy and peaceful acceptance.

The problems of the expression spill most deeply on children, who are ramrodded into developing one set of hyperlimited pseudo-qualities, and through the mimicry of early cultural learning, may in the majority come to believe that no additional options for thought or behavior are available.

Feminism Deep feminism posits itself as a specific rejection of patriarchy. Its initial stages and most docile expressions suggest it is remedying a social wrong by making the experience of women "important." When light shed thereupon reveals the intrinsic sexism of the theory set, which appears hypocritical, feminism adapts to allow that patriarchy has had a negative effect on men, too, and that men should therefore also be feminist to save themselves. Like patriarchy, feminism demands adherence to the more for a human to be considered to be engaging in acceptable behavior: those who fail to be feminist are blind, ignorant, dangerous, wrong, and responsible for the ills of the past. Like individual patriarchs "granting" women freedom and autonomy, or supporting the right of women to "vote" (or token black friends granting the right to say "nigger") individual feminists grant to subscribers the right to claiming a consciousness of patriarchy, and the state of having transcended it. Everyone not subscribing is, like so many blind goldfish, unable to understand their massive privilege.

Post 1990, feminism works to assimilate/adjust/modernize/replace patriarchy with terms. Patriarchy is now considered neoliberally "wrong," and feminism "good."

Continued in Sex and Drones, Part 2.

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