Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sex and Drones, Part 2

Succeeding Part 1.

A general narrative structure of entrench[able/ed] patterns of human division follows:

Because of [1 - ancient ill], and a long, verified record of [2 - past ills], [3 - unit-type of constructed sexual dichotomy] and those who respect them must reorganize human societies to ensure that "[4 - experience]" becomes a vital force of governance. To do this, we must remove all vestiges of [5 - past ills variant] from our culture, and ensure that those who are [6 - boogeyman] have their influence entirely marginalized, then removed.

Choose one for each:

1 - Eve's sin in the garden, patriarchy, or the ascendance of corrupt capital
2 - masculine blindness and social domination, feminine weakness and inability to effectively govern, or
3 - communists, women or men
4 - masculine reason and strength, worker equality or the female experience
5 - patriarchal authority, female meddling or capitalism
6 - counterrevolutionary, chauvinist pigs or shrieking harridans

The end result of the formula with the right set of options can be patriarchy, feminism, or Animal Farm. This structure's inherent flaw, which plays out in different ways depending on the latter three results, is, in part, the reliance on "removing all vestiges of" any particular aspect of the living world, but moreover, the concept of marginalization in the first place. (Even a more advanced criticism of "world elites" bears this flaw--see forthcoming "Stage Fourth.")

As patriarchy (exclusionary male-ism) alters its spots into feminism (exclusionary matriarchy), "females may not bring their menstruating selves into men's clubs and temples" becomes "men may not tell sexual jokes to one another in an office where they may be eavesdropped upon by women." Patently ridiculous religious invective against women becomes patently ridiculous politically-correct speech limitations. At first, these policies seem helpful, because they draw justification from a past history that "everyone knows" (women are the inheritors of a weak/stupid/slutty tradition, or men are the inheritors of a dominating overculture), and they facially target only easily-hateworthy minorities within each classified group (token ineffectual matriarchal leader, or red-state wife-beater who sexually harrasses the secretary by the water cooler). Either conclusion is flawed, because of course, male leaders regularly (99%?) stink, and so do, regularly (99%?) female bosses.

And each theory, ultimately, is harmful in the bad-kind-of deadly way. The divisiveness of attributing flaws to species, sexual, racial, religious or cultural heritage harms each side of the imaginary fence. Alienating the "individual" from her/his species alienates the individual from not only those he or she might rely upon, but upon her/himself, as well.

Disalienation, or the main thrust of this series, to follow in Sex and Drones, Part 3.

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