Sunday, December 25, 2011

A brief censorship

Why more whining about Wolff, PhD?  Much like those lusty days of being censored by western university's pride Bitch PhD, who has since gone out of commission, or Ethan at 6th or 7th (similar fate to the gentleman, apparently), this one's preparation for the burning of books and ideas, rather than their addressing, results in a response log being kept here.  Few, if any, will see said logs anyway, and before long, Google will shut it all down, but recording it here does help to pass the time.

Thusly this one spoke; recorded response to this follows:

(Censored again?  

And here this one had thought your shared ignorance program was working so well!)  

Here's the essential text of what you deleted: congratulations on your speech at the law school; "I" can't think of anyone better suited to giving meaning and inspiration to another class of American lawyers.  Bon voyage, les soldats!

Yes, it all works so happily together, doesn't it?  From the shiny, forgotten places of the mind, drenched in the acrid fumes of bleach, come the smiling faces of death, horror, and calm lifestyle.  Ward Churchill had the Eichmann reference quite accurate.  Despite all the ignoble terrors out there, it is too much for the sheltered 133+5 to even begin to think about how they might stop actively supporting the death, let alone do something in the opposite direction.

Roam on restless, you unsent terrors.  Comes someday a sender for your sad mimicry of the shape of a channeled soul.

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