Monday, December 19, 2011

Cheer Googol for American Publishing

The tagline from one of the many fine books published and promoted by major media in one year "1999" and broadly available today--The Seduction--offered for perusal:

"He's a living dream; the picture of wealth and sophistication, a young man in a butter-soft leather jacket with a white silk scarf draped carelessly around his neck.  After he drives young women away in his silver, shark-sleek sports car, he makes love to them--exquisitely, with a pleasure that borders on pain.  Then the border is crossed, and they are beyond pain or pleasure.  Forever.

For one [feisty young] woman reporter, the story of the mysterious seductions and their chilling aftermath will become as personal as her own physical agony and her own fear of death.  For she and the victims will be drawn together by a common secret too intimate and too terrifying to be whispered."

Embarrassing, telling grammatical error aside (;), a study of this cadaver reveals a late stage of the malignancy that associated its development with, and into, Harry Potter, John Grisham, Stephenie Meyer (sic), and whatever the next large mass turns out to be.  The "casual white scarf" image recalls the Simpson family's brush with Police Cops, where Homer glimpsed the folly of character marketing, while the mere suggestion of "sex" and "death" (see Twilight for a faux-kiddie version of these combined references, which were already thoroughly, and more competently, covered by Anne Rice, who is at least honest about her affection for pedophilia and yaoi) is enough to titillate the American public and generate brays of interest.

Troubled alcohol consumption, casual drug use, references to expensive consumer products, a few Bruce Springsteen references, and extremely liberal doses of the passive voice help prove that Art Bourgeau has watched movies about what women consider artsy and sexy, and women mystery readers are all-too-happy to play along by pretending they'd be drawn in by Terri's love interest, and wishing they had the chance to be strangled by him.

"He picks you up.  He takes you home.  Then he loves you--to death."

If only their real lives could be that exciting.  Well, the adventures and struggles of Terri the Feisty Fictional Attractive Reporter, and Bennifer the Star Couple, and Steve Jobs the Star Decedent, will suffice for now--and for only 8.99 at the checkout line.

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