Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Damned Segway

$88 million apartment sold to billionaire brat.  Recalls, again, the initial Money Laundering post, though applied here in the first-world land where prenatal care for African-American women is roughly equivalent to that of third-world countries.

And among the upper echelons of the Outer Party, Professor Wolff is dismayed by Segway repair bills and limited restaurant choice while vacationing in Paris.  As this one said there, it's a hard knock life.

The nauseating, utterly self-absorbed braying of the great liberal murderers, no matter the numbers of piled dead children, is as reprehensible as reprehensible gets.  Joe White Soldier, the home-invader and Iraqi-raper, is at the very least doing it firsthand, for low pay, while risking his own neck.  In the same way that witnessing violence in person is different than seeing ten times that intensity of violence on the teevee, each report of the trials of a torn silk corset and the difficulties of breaking in a new maid--even against the backdrop of already knowing it's happening--raises bile in any healthy ghost-frame connection.

there is no I
there is no me
there is no that
there's only we
twixt all the sundry
rotten things
sever not
lest horror, brings...

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