Thursday, December 15, 2011

Death by Grisham

Response to this (more painful Wolff):

It reads John Grisham, then laments teh onoes failures of modern society?

John Grisham IS modern society. He is the paradigm of the soulless novel; the sister-spirit to Sue Grafton; Stephenie Meyer's deadbeat dad; the masturbatory right hand of the passive voice. And of course, he's a university-educated lawyer, in bookstores and on supermarket shelves everywhere, churning out a new formulaic product each year, like so many Quentin Tarantino "grab the money and run" scripts--but with fewer shotguns, Mexican renegades and Asian schoolgirls.

You hurt us all.


  1. I haven't read John Grisham. I expect reading him would be the equivalent of watching a James Bond Flick. I don't mind James Bond now an then. I might positively welcome a Bond movie when I want to switch off and relax. Your brooding intensity, in your criticism of Wolff, is, however, rather boring. Try tackling him at the level of ideas. 'Masturbatory right hand of the passive voice' might sound exciting when you read it back to yourself. It seems writing such words in any seriousness is rather ironic.

  2. This one has been unsuccessful in turning up ideas from Mr. Wolff that involve anything other than supporting the DLC's latest kill-factory, describing recipes and continental trips, and rehashing the writings of famous western philosophers. His adherents occasionally pop up to complain that he is being treated unfairly, but he is too dignified to address debate with people not safely on the teevee or dead.

    Nonetheless, you are most welcome to stand in for him, or for his ideas. Which ideas? What's unfair?

  3. (As has been said elsewhere, it is impossible to win an argument when you're right. Or, perhaps, even to have one. This one understand Socrates turned to hemlock.)