Thursday, December 22, 2011


When someone in the first-world dies of cold, exposure, gradual malnourishment, or just the shutting down of the shell after the unwritten message "GTFO" finally strikes home, what they actually die of, on the record, is alcohol, taking a bad step, a lingering disease, or being a "missing child."

Americans can't be permitted to think that people fall into the cracks to die of hunger and exposure.  Who wants to autopsy what the garbage collector discovers?  If they're homeless, it's only an unfortunate situation caused by bad choices and a fondness for drink.  It's street crime, or that bad cough that they probably inherited from their grandmother's side.  It's not that they couldn't afford a home or enough food, and so died on the street in the post-industrial western wonderland.  They, and their associated bad statistics, must vanish.  Boogeymen kidnapped the "missing" kids; the frozen military vets were just drunks; the single moms were just lazy.

No one actually dies of hunger in the first world.  That kind of backward neglect is only for the places NATO bombs.  Whatever America's failures in foreign policy, its domestic agenda is still working reasonably well for its own citizens.

Continued in Second Exposure.

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