Friday, December 30, 2011

Latest deletion

Latest deletion from Mr. Wolff:

"Best wishes to the cat also. It's not very rare, or even unusual, for elderly couples to lavish affection and wealth on pets. The subservient animal (with associated jokes about how it really controls you) serves as a useful way to feel giving and selfless, and helps channel empathic emotions away from suffering humans."

Removed over the 29th.

As said above, pet fetishism is a great outlet for empathy.  Pets might fuss at you a little, but they don't talk back or upset your absolute control of the household.  They can be gotten rid of at any time without social consternation, are cheaper to maintain than humans, and more importantly, they come with a prepackaged social value, a vast network of instant friends, and a cornucopia of wealthy charities where money can be used to imprison and sterilize a specially-bred underclass of domesticated affection dolls, instead of to feed, shelter and assist non-human-dependent animals or, dare this one say it, human beings.

Feel bad about blowing up little kids?  Worried about all those hungry children who can't afford to see the doctor?  Well, just buy a domesticated dog or cat, fit it into your household routine, and array it in money, love and attention.

You're a good person!  You're giving and caring!  All the other pet-owners agree with you!  How could you possibly be so sweet and selfless?


  1. Why make this pesty comment to professor Wolff?

  2. That question did get addressed in later posts, but this one is more than happy to discuss it further. You still there?