Thursday, December 1, 2011

More for Pinker

Following up on this article about Voltaire's re-re-death, regarding Steven Pinker's recent work.

Arthur Silber's two-year-old article, here, and a seven-year-old one, here, include some material relevant to this one's recent Steven Pinker-related post. The creation of the modern state, with high tech reporting and response capability, and prepackaged memes for determining what does and does not constitute violence worth paying statistical (even extremely-poorly done statistical, in the case of Pinker) attention to, did not herald an era of peace. It instead, in the manner of Rousseau's highwayman-become-police theories, has increased the horror and general ignorance of violence, by creating boundaries between acceptable (prison brutality, social rape, black ops, etc.) and unacceptable (officially reported and prosecuted crime and health care industry statistics) violence.

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