Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wolff response log, part something or other

After Mr. Wolff praises Obama's "ground game" (personalized marketing vote campaign) as something that will surely help the hero Obama destroy the Republicans, one Dave complains:
"Final proof that Obama really did only get elected because of anarchist, Marxist atheists."

This one initially responded:

"And if Obama wins, and the mass murders continue, in tandem with restricting female sexuality and destroying the economy, this is a good thing?"

A more detailed response to Dave follows:

Dave, the Professor is not an anarchist or Marxist. He supports Obama the leader and the Obama administration, and is therefore not in favor of a lack of state authority, ergo not an anarchist. He supports the free market and capitalism and its greatest paladins, ergo is not a Marxist. He is likely an atheist, having concluded that factual inaccuracies in the standard Judeo-Christian narrative mean that he knows there is no God-type creator, but he is an anarchist and a Marxist only for the delectable dinner-party shock value in saying so, while still embracing all the tenets of capitalist imperialism and sweetened genocide. In short, he's a poser. And the worst kind, being of the stuffy, elitist, intellectual-superiority type, cloaking praise for death in the excessive recitation of pop history and establishment philosophy.

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