Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cure for Cancer

There will never be a "cure" for cancer.  Cancer is the reaction of a healthy cellular structure to the imposition of environmental toxins upon the body.

Industrialism destroyed the ozone layer.  It fabricated never-before-seen-on-this-planet types of volatile chemicals for use in production, which chemicals soon littered the air, water and molecular structure of most things in the Earth's ecosystem.  As humans eat, drink, breathe and bathe in poison, their structure begins to break down, resulting in a massive post-industrial cancer epidemic.

The tumorous growth is a new form of life evolving to live upon the new forms of energy and structure being provided.  We can cut out tumors; we can poison them with radiation and succeed at weakening or killing them, but we will not stop them from being created until we eliminate the anti-human poisons with which we have filled our environment.  As the cancers grow within our bodies, nourished in their growth on our nutrients, they are a part of us--a deadly symbiote.  They are distinct from "viruses" and other old-fashioned invaders, because it is our very blood that transmits nutrients to the tumor and allows it to continue growing.  Follow the money--it's the economy, stupid.  We are funding the "cancer," once it appears within us.

Blaming our "genes" for cancer is rather like blaming the rape victim for wearing a short skirt.  Driving gas-burning cars to the charity walk for prostate cancer is a terrible irony.  There is no "cure" to what we, and prior generations, have done to ourselves.

"Cure" is a word we used to use to refer to destroying alien viruses that existed somewhere else, then came into us.  Cancer is not that way; cancer is created in and by us.  Cancer is us.  We cannot "cure" it anymore than we can "cure" ourselves.  The medical industry built itself up on offering cures, but that concept no longer applies in the same way people would like to believe once they get out of their history-class lesson on tuberculosis.

Some lifestyle behaviors, like working in a nuclear plant, smoking, or hanging out in the tanning tube, can expose one to more poisons than otherwise, but we're all being constantly exposed, and no one--not even Steve Jobs--is "safe."  We are all poisoned--we are all carriers.  Random chance will determine whether or not our cells begin to mutate in a certain way, operating under a different structure of rules, to birth a new entity inside "our" bodies that will grow and develop and overtake "us."

Remember all that stuff that washed away when the ents tore down Isengard's factories and mines?  Pouring that stuff into our bodies is what causes cancer.  The Foul will continue to reward our children's children with these afflictions.  Our selfish borrowing for fancy machines, which we took out on credit rather than cleaning up as we went, is coming back to haunt us--with interest we can't afford.

The way "out" is to accept the symbiotic relationship.  We've given birth to something that now lives inside our shells.  Embrace; love; accept.  Eventually, perhaps we'll be able to make ourselves a part of the new life we've created, rather than being the husk which it leaves behind.

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