Monday, January 2, 2012

Feeling Very Firm

Another of John Grisham's pseudo-legal fantasies is slated to reach audiences in 2012.  Apparently, seventeen million used paperbacks and a major motion picture wasn't enough, and equally apparently, a legal drama show couldn't be successfully created without six degrees of fabricated connection between it and a name customers already recognize.  Of course, with the Sopranos off the table, it's nice to be able to mine a plot with vague mob connections.

Some malcontents are saying that instead of allowing an insightful species to explore the depths of possibility and the human soul through artistic expression, major creative (TM) corporations are merely slapping brand names onto various forms of recycled merchandise and peddling it to pulp-eaters faster than they can gulp down the next installment of vampo-space-wizard fare.

Thank goodness that isn't the case.  This one looks forward to the series' development with great interest.

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