Monday, January 23, 2012

Food continues

Continuing from Masking Tape - Substitutes for Soul:

seyrah writes:

To add to your thoughts about the "filler" diet--babies have been pushed onto soy-based infant formula for years, with the full compliance of pediatricians who ought to know better. In this case, too, they have managed to rob the peasants of not just the prime produce of farms, but that *of their own bodies*--women's bodies produce perfect milk for infants on their own. That milk is incredibly cheaper than the toxin-laced ( and sometimes deliberately poisoned ( formula that costs $7 a quart, and yet breastfeeding skews towards the elite on the socioeconomic scale ( There's some suspicion that the soy-based diets of our kids from infancy onward may have a role in early menarche in girls ( Maybe that fits into the whole picture you're painting here, as well.
Absolutely.  One of antilife's most effective means of destroying humans is destroying the mother-child bond.  Feeding adults filler make them less happy, less satisfied, and less healthy; feeding infants filler not only accomplishes these same effects, but also helps damage their connections to other humans.  When the mammalian infant is separated from its inherent right to nurse from its mammalian mother, it loses not only optimal nourishment, skin-to-skin connection, breathing and heart-rhythm training, and warmth, but also the development of a healthy soul that has learned to identify its state of being through comparison to the mother's state of being.

The result of destroying the infant-child connection has been a strengthened severance of all humans from all humans, leading to things like Others and wars and acceptable collateral damage.  If there's no connection to mother, and we're all just on our own, why not blow the hell out of people far away, who probably don't really exist anyway?  Cutting off nursing is a very effective way to begin the "individualization" of a crushed, detached, lonely soul, bouncing around on a billiard table of sociopolitical death.

anne writes:

hi' arka , i had a look over on your last trying to explain more of something that you wrote on the last post here , .. . you seem to like to read on the how things go of food , wondering what your thoughts are on the adding of gluten to make more palatable to.. too much ? .., i'm putting my question to you on this here for more to see ..if they have any thoughts on the way things are going with gluten .. / and of ..foods,whole chain.. your mention .. remember it's still a chain .. so best not to mention , a lot of bad behaviour there .. and best to know what you are dealing with.. in many ways , as you are going around the aisles there .. .,those with money aren't better off with this in just having money , best to know of ..what you are eating , ..

anne, gluten is a substance humans evolved eating just fine. Intolerance to it is a modern condition brought on by what this one discussed in Masking Tape. You are accurate that having money doesn't make one (necessarily) better off with regard to food choices within the context of American middle caste v. upper; however, the belief that it does is an integral part of selling class war to the elites and their middle managers.

That's the very danger discussed there: produce a bunch of McDonald's restaurants to poison the populace, and your own rich kid might end up actually eating there, enjoying it, and getting a heart attack.  Produce a bunch of bad movies to slay souls, and you might find yourself watching them.

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