Saturday, January 14, 2012

Haha, Sacha! The Dictator Review 2

While you're laughing at The Dictator, and its depiction (as afore-noted) of more of those dummy third-worlders with swarthy skin and how they can't run their lives well, do recall that the U.S. put Saddam Hussein in power in Iraq.  Similar to Osama Bin Laden the heroic fighter against Soviet communism, Saddam was a CIA assassin charged with murdering a local leader to stop said local leader from nationalizing Iraq's oil reserves, which would've caused them to be more expensive for NATO's military/highway complexes.  Saddam is rumored to have bungled the assassination, but a different stooge did manage to kill the mark, and Saddam, being obedient, was put in power with U.S. funds and support so that he could lean Iraq into the Iran-Iraq war and use chemical weapons against not only "his own people," but also the people of Iran.  He got those chemical weapons, of course, from that great supplier to the world, the U.S.  It was only when, after decades of power, Saddam began to consider standing up to America that his country was invaded, and Saddam killed.

Naturally, it wasn't that long after Saddam's death before wealthy white people began getting together to satirize Saddam, and the rest of those idiot Arabs (for "allowing him to rule").  So, we now have The Dictator, which will poke some mild fun at the geopolitical ignorance of the American bystander while including the more telling, rock-solid undercurrent: Arabs are really, really stupid.  Look at how stupid their leader is, and look at how silly they are for putting up with his rule. 

Another homer for Hollywood, the entertainment branch of the greatest military state yet birthed by this planet. Not only does the great White Man's Burden meddle in the affairs of Africa for centuries, broker the creation of the artificial state of "Iraq" as a colonialist division, sell nasty weapons to it and incite several massive proxy wars, use it to justify more Israeli arms transfers, then invade, then spend years sanctioning and bombing it, then invade again, then trigger a civil war and piss on the corpses: even after all that, it's not enough.  We now need Sacha Baron Cohen mocking the very idea that such a place existed at all, however briefly.

What next?  The logical step seems to be Sacha Baron Cohen winning a respectable award for his mockey, and using some of the money to fund a charity to assist underprivileged Iraqi and/or Arab children.  Then, when Mr. Cohen passes away in a few decades, western publications can herald him as the man of the year for his glorious, self-sacrificing charity work.

Write the most despicably ironic story you can imagine of one group of people obliviously fucking over and abusing the memory of another, and you will not be able to equal the profound suckitude of America's behavior.

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