Sunday, January 8, 2012

Helping Those Poor Darkies

It is so vulgarly arrogant to come up with charities to help those poor ignorant African folk by giving them medical checkups, reading lessons, or teaching them basic job skills.  The message there is "the reason things are going so badly for you is because you lack basic knowledge."

It really makes whites feel better about themselves to visit the slave shack and toss a few cookies around--much, much easier than eliminating the hundreds of years of clusterfuck colonialism, economic screwing, proxy warmaking, imposition of tyrants and arms, natural resource theft and genocide.

Shove your "charity" right up your self-righteous arse.

(Oh, and if you get a tax deduction for it, it doesn't really count as "charity" in the moral sense.)


  1. LOVE this post. Goes hand-in-hand with sentiments expressed in the post on "The Help." I have such utter loathing for the "white liberal guilt" trip as it is just a cover up for what really ails us-- condescension.

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    2. Well, in the meantime before the revolution, this will probably help some people. You can't just wait around for revolution to happen while others are suffering.

    3. True, it will--but therein lies the rub. When you put little band-aids on cuts, it makes the cuts feel a bit better. However, it also helps, in a sad, twisted away, those who are drawing the blood in the first place.

      Providing sustenance to the wounded is the "flinging of a coin" to the beggar on the road to Jericho that Martin Luther King warned about--it subsidizes the continued production of misery by allow megacorps to externalize their social stability costs to the lowest possible (free!) bidder.

      Thereby postponing, or aborting entirely, the "revolution." While simultaneously making the causers of misery feel really, really good about themselves for their horrid false charity.