Sunday, January 8, 2012


In which the latest technobabble from one of Ian Malcolm's 317 unacknowledged love children is commented upon:

finally, a novel where a technological quirk causes unintended consequences in someone's personal life!  truly an opus for our times.

and wow, it's not only about a brilliant technician, but someone who's wealthy and famous.  those are the best heroes, because they go so neglected in the rest of our lives.  it's about time someone wrote a book about the overdogs.

the most thrilling part is where Edward is forced to deal with another man owning his wife and children. how dare that other patriarch possess HIS things?  i can't wait for this one to come'll be a major movie before long, joining the ranks of such fine cinema as 'transformers 3' and 'the hangover.'  kudos!


  1. Art is almost always a self-portrait -- or at least what the artist wishes he/she could be. The author's reliance on the tired template of "brilliant self-made man" with wealth and fame shouldn't surprise us. After all, isn't that what we're supposed to want? ;)

  2. Art as self-portrait? Uh oh! What does that say about those artists who paint a lot of insects? :D