Monday, January 16, 2012

Land of Humperdinck

Spaketh Prince Humperdinck: "My people, a month from now...sundown, I shall marry a lady who was once a commoner like yourselves. But perhaps you will not find her common now. Would you like to meet her?"

Ahh, Prince Humperdinck, you loathsome beast, you.  If anything can possibly match--or exceed--the extreme foulness and deathly pestilence of the American Empire, it is its creator, predecessor, and bitch-at-ready, that loathsome island of cess known as England.  England: the victor of the slave wars; the culminator of colonialism.  The genocidal mass-murderer of the Celts, Irish and Scots, so layered in the rancid blood of slain infants that a hundred years of Ajax could not scrub it away, still slimes its way across the world stage, showing off its Torture Tower and, even worse, its obscenely wealthy figureheads, who have even less reason to be famous than Paris Hilton's dog.

No phrase referring to "indecency" is low enough for Humperdinck and his ilk.  Anytime the castoff, wealthy, title-less nobles of America need someone to get their back on a murderous rampage, England can be counted upon to lend accents and the pretense of "international agreement" to the venture.  The inbred progeny of its little populace culminates in the excessively inbred wreck of its "royal family," that throwback of throwbacks to a time even darker than tribal patriarch-chiefs, blood sacrifices and cannibalism.  The immense wealth stolen from the mainland European continent, Africa, South America and North America, then locked up in that psychopath's  gallery of velvet and stupid-ass hats, rivals Hollywood: if not for quantity, then for a nadir of quality in output and its effect on the world.

That little Nazi shit and his similarly-inclined brother are but the barest modern references to the connections between the British Throne and the Third Reich.  But Hitler and the British royals are just the 20th century connection; almost all the tyrants of European history, by virtue of that wonderful lordly concept of inbreeding, can connect their power and horrors to British lineage and/or meddling.

Wars of succession; genocides of peasants, gypsies, and numerous underclasses; the pawnbrokering of various rulerships across the continent: all can be laid at the feet of that pestilent horde.  If any justification of racism exists in the world today, it is the scientific conclusion that century after century of genetic-limited royal breeding, culminating in the current crop of English Royals, and those of their trapped island populace after the last purge of Northern Ireland, resulted in the proportionately worst chance for limited genetic exchange in the test subjects.  There's a stereotype you can hang your calculator on, if you're in the market for forming one.  Imperial America is trying to get there now, with exclusionary immigration policies, but nothing can currently match the hundreds of years of horror that've had time to stew on that nasty little island across the channel.

Resistance to the inbred horrors has found some wonderful outlets, such as Chumbawamba, yet even now the Battle of Britain continues.  Harry Potter is the tale of British exceptionalism spelled out perfectly: the story of a roguish young white boy who discovers that his blood entitles him to the instant inheritance of wealth, power, vast social respect, and the mandate to govern the affairs of the world.  Like the true British noble, Mr. Potter inherits a rapport with Headmaster Dumbledore, uses it to become involved in world affairs despite being 12, and smacks down that upstart noble Draco Malfoy, who refuses to get with the times and realize that everyone, even mudbloods, has the right to be led by Harry Potter.

But MI6's orgasmic superfantasy, James Bond, had it covered first: the secret, sexy British spy-man who travels the world taking possession of foreign pussy and shooting people without requiring court approval.  After all, the Crown gave him a license, and he's a roguish Englishman.  The kind that any Celtic girl wouldn't mind being raped to death by.

Quoting JardinCeltic Europe was for its time highly democratic. Women had considerable power. There were women warriors. Every member of the society had dignity and rights. Yet we are taught that the cradle of democracy in Europe is Greece, in a society whose economy was entirely based on slave labor, and whose social organization evolved to constantly expand, incorporating “allies” as colonies and progressively parasitizing and castrating them culturally. Our history books tell us about Socrates, Euripides and Pericles, but little mention is made of the Athenian Empire.  

Of course, once the Celts had been fucked dry and impressed as serfs into the expanding Anglo-Germanic imperial order, it was time to go murder the aboriginal peoples of the Americas, who simply didn't understand how to use masculine noble bloodlines and private property to commit extended auto-specicide. And of course, to do that, we'll need labor: send the working class to the dark continent to kill off the ones who managed to survive our various crusades!

So get out there, Will Humperdinck, and pull a 007 on the latest commoner to grace your bed.  Can I plz to get tickets now to teh fancy wedding?  Oooh, what a dress!  Gush gush.  If there aren't any Gypsies or Irish or Celts or Iroquois or Jews or Muslims left to kill, or if it starts getting scary when they shoot back, just go shoot some animals on your estate, you fucking punk bastards.  You can always have one of your suits send the commoners off to handle the bigger game.

(Reading further in the Jardin link contains an excellent breakdown of the ways that the artificial, conglomerated "white" identity was fabricated in order to conceal the genocidal horrors committed against various cold-weather-pale-skinned civilizations in the past by the descendants of Imperial Rome.  This is what Obama is in the process now of finalizing to "black" after the slave trade and colonialism effectively turned everyone from a massive continent into a single "race," and made the modern world entirely forget more nuanced tribal and ethnic groupings.)


  1. The genocidal mass-murderer of the Celts, Irish and Scots....

    There's some dude in a Director's Chair with a little megaphone, shouting "stick to the script, that's what we're paying you for!" but I can't figure out who he is. Shadowy figure, not clear really. Any ideas?

  2. Also, did you ever notice how that little pisspot "Harry Potter" looks just like every white yuppie-to-be child dressed by his wish-we-were-upper-class parents? Like a little George F. Will?