Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mercs on Parade!

Just when you thought cops were bad, wait'll the heavier artillery starts patrolling a street near you.  The heavier artillery is already there, of course; it's just limited to S.W.A.T. and military bases for the time being.  Wait for it...wait for it...private entourages of guys in suits riding around with the few remaining richies in town, keeping the rabble from disturbing the peace.  Kind of like medieval times, but with assault rifles replacing broadswords.

Security's a growing business, baby.  Get your degree in justice studies before the depression deepens.  'Tis better to be shooting people for money than starving in an alley, amirite?

Young Ameriboy Jake comments:
"Love the gear!!!!! Can you guys design up a hoodie....."Two to the chest, one to the head"???"

Bring the Mozambique home to the poor saps who thought killing enough darkies would at least make their own families safe.

Update.  A recent exchange between mercs and potential customer on facebook:

Do you do large quantity orders for schools or charities at discount?
 ·  · 9 hours ago · 

    • 308 Ghillies LLC Value of Cart Discount
      from $ 200.00 5.00 %
      from $ 500.00 7.50 %
      from $ 750.00 10.00 %

Wowza.  And here this one thought the "schools" part would at least make them take notice.  But nope--war wear for the school-kiddies does come at a discount.

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