Monday, February 20, 2012

Hatred via Classification

One of antilife's most important tasks is separating life from itself.  All life is connected and reliant upon itself, throughout this planet, under this sky.  "Humans," as a species, are similarly connected.  No human could exist without other humans, barring technology to sate basic needs while the ghost-body connection gradually broke down from a lack of interaction with other points of light.

Antilife seeks "classification" to divide life against life: by segregating pieces of an internally-reliant system, the system itself may be destroyed.  Without doing this, merely damaging "one" part of the system will result in system survival.  To attain cataclysmic system failure, we must first separate and isolate components of the whole, so that a component or component set can be destroyed more cheaply and easily.

A plague introduced into a system will be tested against the system's collective efforts, while a plague introduced into an isolated component will face much less resistance.  Additionally, isolated components, when destroyed, are unable--by virtue of their isolation--to communicate, even in death, the circumstances of their destruction to other system components.  This leaves the remaining components in a state of unreadiness if they are later assaulted by the same plague: they will be as unprepared as were the original components.  Ergo the plague much more effectively, as well as economically, will target a series of isolated components.

(Antiviral medicine uses this understanding to prepare the "body" system for a viral assault by introducing the weakened/dead virus to the entire body system.  This allows antibody information to be spread and shared freely, preparing all parts of the body for the virus' intrusion.)

Why does classification tend toward antilife?  Because life is constant change and chaos--it exists because its random ("random" as to humans, e.g., in the sense of being not under conscious human control) nature, ever-changing, makes it difficult for the introduction of systematic failures that would cause it to cease existing.  Vacuum fluctuation, and non-human-directed molecular reorganizations of any type--including the mutation of cells during reproduction--are the randomness (our inability to individually control the selection thereof) that keeps the lightspring flowing.  Anything "unplanned" can, by its virtue of having no "fixed" nature (ach, Germanic languages!), fit into any container, burst any container, and evolve so as to survive under, or create, any circumstances.

Similarities do actually exist between a lot of things.  Of course, all existence is the same--construed through these limited shells, existence is string vibrations providing multidimensional properties that result in "time" and "matter" and "energy."  Yeah, cool.  And "time" is more "like" "time" than it is like "matter," which is more like "matter" than it's like "energy," except that, if you start looking closer, matter is actually time is energy is time is matter is et cetera.

All that aside, similarities within the structure exist.  "Dogs" are like "dogs," and are more like dogs than they are like cats.  And are more like cats than they are snakes, alarm clocks, tsunami, geopolitical strategic talks, club sandwiches and a cubic foot of airspace on a gas giant near the Horsehead Nebula.  So it's very helpful, and fun, to notice things like "that chick is tall" or "that guy is fat" or "those people are both black."  Language and different stuff is fun.  Everything is similar and everything is different, and minds can meet and converse about what things are.  Yay!

Antilife likes to take that natural fun step farther, though, by rigidly defining things, then using those definitions to justify vile things.

For the free, open, healthy mind, classification is useful as well as really fun--cataloguing all the names humans have come up with for hundreds of colors of oil paints across the visual spectrum, then going beyond the visible to talk about how to analyze star charts with machines.  Awesome!

Deciding that some people are "women" and some people are "men" is fine.  Or that some are "black" or "Asian" or "Pacific east islander" or "genderqueer."  Hurrah!

Remember, if Antilife could speak: ""

Suffering comes from being alive. Life is the cause of suffering. Without life, there would be no pain; no fear; no hurting of any kind. Because I am a good person, I have decided to help everyone by saving them from having to suffer. When my work is done, none shall suffer.

Found in Plot Summary.

When dealing with conscious beings possessing an instinctive drive for the togetherness and security of one another's company, the task of using classification to ease the passage of destruction must be accomplished insidiously.  Humans, for example, usually do not respond well to the message, "Let us all kill ourselves and die alone and isolated."  To exploit the human proclivity to learn and explore, though, antilife utilizes classification to make things not just convenient, but to make them seem far more different than they actually are.  Once this has been accomplished, its easy to segregate things further by suggesting that the things in Group A be destroyed by the things in Group B.

Be always, therefore, wary of classification: while it's wonderful, useful and fun, it tends toward antilife.  The more classification is involved in an activity, the more likely--not guaranteed--that the activity will develop in a more antilife fashion, or that the activity will itself have been a vile creation.  The less classification is involved in an activity, the greater the chance--not the guarantee--that it will be otherwise.

Any doubts?  Go do a stack of American 1040s for households with itemized deductions.  Then ask what the guv'mint is spending the money on.

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