Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"How Low We Have Fallen"

Ah, Professor Wolff: the penultimate American liberal.  Did this bother him?  No?  Mounds of dead children higher than the tower of Babylon?  Why should it?

What is unacceptable for a major party candidate, though, is not whether he butchers children.  Rather, it's whether or not someone has permissible attitudes about the domestic sex life of Americans.

Santorum's repressed domestic sexuality concerns this one far less than his penchant for murdering children, a hobby which he shares with your favored candidate. It's exciting to laugh at Mr. Santorum's backward ideas, isn't it, even as the dead children pile so high that they block the sun from your lofty American perch? You are the means by which little children are lost, killed and forgotten. You should be ashamed of yourself in a way that goes beyond any words you can ever write.  

Duh, he doesn't care.  Duh, he's not going to care.  His sick mind, severed from the rest of his kind, has already forgotten the children, the adults, the elders; everyone else that has been, is being, and will be butchered.

When a little Pakistani boy is blown into chunks of tissue and bone, Wolff sleeps soundly.  When a politician suggests that certain varieties of sex are bad, how low the United States has suddenly fallen.

The standard term is "rank arrogance," but this goes beyond that.

Yeah, this one still blinks in disgust, if not shock.  Carry on.

Oh, and for the record, Santorum is vile, and not just because he's one of Obama's accomplices in mass murderer.  He's likely not the repressed weirdo he seems; he's probably just a very good con who knows how to massage certain red-staters the right way.  And how.

More importantly, though, the blatantly stupid, alarmist things he says help out the DLC by calling mass media attention to how stupid Republicans are.  With friends like those, who needs enemies?  The ol' two-headed hydra is working hard tonight.  What's stunning is that such astute liberal political observers actually take Santorum for real.  Just as you empower Obama to kill by believing in lesser-evilism, you empower Obama to win elections by focusing lots of attention on how gloriously ridiculous cons like Santorum are.

But damn, he is useful.  He's easy fodder for the pre-game show, kind of like getting wrapped up in the emotional story about how some football player lost his job, ended up on the street, dealt crack, then finally found sports and was uplifted to clean living and heroism--as though that has anything to do with whether one team deserves to win the football game more than another.

At the next level of consciousness is this one, whining about the whining, and somewhere out there, the even more wise are unaware of it all.  Teehee.  Back to scavenging the slums, peeps.  Peace out.

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