Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to Crush Women, Part 2

Succeeding the introduction in Part 1.

Sex is life.  Sex drives people to connect to one another.  "Making love" is making love for a reason: fucking can lead to falling in love without consciously intending to, as the connection between "two" (or "more") souls can be realized during moments of shared enjoyment.

You can be with the nerdy guy out of pity, then realize you fell for him; you can get drunk and sleep with the maid, and have such a good time you realize you need to be with her forever--and her children and genes inherit your wealth and social position, rather than Lady Stotham's gilded little darlings.  Or you can fall for the great head you got from that easy chick at a club before you realize she's got a...zomigod!

Yeah, so, illusions shatter, boundaries topple, et cetera.  Chaotic life is great at overcoming the crappy antilife regulations that societies throw up.  So elites need to strengthen those to fight back and keep people repressed.

The best way for a barrier to work is to establish two barriers: first, a real barrier that no one questions, and second, a fake barrier that can be constantly broken down while being defended in a token fashion, so that people always think they're getting ahead, rather like a hamster on a spinning wheel.  The fake barriers right now are "marriage" and "alternate lifestyles."  Token idiots, some of whom actually believe they're being taken seriously by the powers-that-be, whine and fuss about the sanctity of marriage and the evils of gay sex, while the sea change of again accepting open relationships and gay sex will serve to provide a useful hamster wheel for maybe even another generation.

One of the components of the real barrier is prostitution.  And this is a big, big one.  As discussed in Part 1, elites rely on a nasty, zero-sum economic system to pit people against one another in a cage match as big as the world.  Prostitution would at first seem to fit nicely into this: the most valuable commodity to male humans--exceeding even food and drink, depending on the individual and the circumstances--is the chance to fulfill the biological need to mate.

This gives immense individual power to women.  Within the game of monetary exchange, prostitution allows any individual woman to sell a little bit of her company to a mass of customers who were born expressly for the purpose of patronizing her.  It's an instant seller's market where, granted the same property regulations that the rest of the modern economy depends upon, females can select work location, clientele, rate, work hours, etc., with utter freedom.  Any woman becomes instantly able to commodify her company to an unending population of repeat customers who are driven by both word of mouth, visual appeal, random selection, geographical location, and insatiable need.

Every woman is an entrepreneur with massive growth potential, zero initial investment, and decades of job security.  Women able to prostitute themselves could, upon making the decision to do so, work ten hours a week, vacation at the drop of a hat, and never have to get small business loans or apply for jobs.

Why is this such a big problem?  Well, it breaks the elite economic model.  Elites depend upon humans not being able to access the marketplace openly.  If any one human can suddenly sell a useful product, that human--or a lot of them--could provide an alternate model to the world economic system.

Buying, selling and trading could go on in a way untrackable by state revenue agencies and the elites that manipulate them.  Individual entrepreneurs could launch productive businesses at the drop of a hat without requiring business loans and whoring themselves out to big (elite-owned and -run) banks or venture capitalists, who would then own a share of every return the entrepreneur did the actual work for.  All of the gatekeepers and middlemen built into the system to extract value from laborers could be bypassed.

Even worse, people would fall in love.  Freed from stigma, random encounters could result in lasting intimacy, trust, and empathy for different social stations unfettered by the need to avoid legal entanglements.  System breaks.

Prostitution also breaks elite control over the sex trade.  Child slavery and pauper/child prostitution in east Asian countries and Africa depends upon the unavailability of a commodified sex exchange in America, driving wealthy clientele offshore like so many Caribbean tax havens.

(Remember when Rush Limbaugh got nabbed coming back from the Dominican Republic with Viagra and Oxycontin?  He wasn't there for the food.  And this is a wealthy, powerful man who works in Manhattan, home of some of the world's priciest and cleanest escorts.  Why the Dominican Republic, then?  What sort of delicate, poor young products might be available offshore to a Viagra user that aren't available in New York?)

When you can't just go into the marketplace and buy an independent prostitute, the remaining options for satisfying natural lusts are:

1) Get married.  Big, expensive wedding, purchase of ring and clothes, Hallmark-style honeymoon, court paperwork, changes in banking and legal documents.

2) Spend years patronizing expensive bars, clubs, social dating sites or adult education courses in pursuit of romance.  Successful forays into dating produce expensive restaurant visits, attendance at movies, ritually exchanged gifts, and possibly #1 above.

3) Visit an expensive exotic club for a brief glimpse of the other sex, where dancers have brief, unhealthy careers under the control of club owners who have borrowed/invested in the manner of a "normal" business.

4) Purchase pornography produced by a powerful porn company, where actresses and actors operate under the control of publishers who have borrowed/invested in the manner of a "normal" business.

5) Limited legalized prostitution under the control of powerful pimps with connections to organized crime, government officials and gambling.

In each case, the house wins.  To acquire anything approaching that intimate physical connection to another person, one has to tithe the pre-existing elites who control all the social spaces, entertainment venues, and other "safe" ways to try to get to know someone.

If you go outside the system--seek sex and intimacy on your own terms--you run into problems.  A big one is a populace conditioned to believe that mating rituals can only occur in certain ways: you don't just "meet" someone randomly.  You generally have to work together, study together, or meet in a pre-approved business where people can get dressed up and go for the purpose of evaluating potential mates while giving the house a lot of money.  Go outside that, and you're a weirdo stalker no one in their right mind would get involved with.

Another problem is, obviously, the fact of prostitution being illegal.  If you try to offer yourself for sex to earn much-needed money and gain financial independence, or buy sex from someone you're interested in, whammo, jail.  Local police departments prosecutors offices love playing shadow games with attractive young trainees in the wrong part of town, entrapping potential Johns and throwing taxpayer dollars into stings, holding cells, public prosecutor work, court fees and community service.

To ensure that prostitutes are not able to ply their trade, state security forces and vigilant teams of lawyers patrol social venues to prey upon those who try to go outside the system.  Under the auspices of "women's rights" or "public health," they allow elites to monopolize the flesh trade, destroy independent operators, and increase startup costs for any potential entrants, who must work their way up through the chain of waitressing, stripping, fucking the businessman's cousins or friends in porno films, and finally, elite escort status--if they're still around.

Requiring independent-operator prostitutes to go underground sends them out of the protection of society, generally forcing them into the arms of violent criminal pimps who use the lawless situation to brutalize and exploit them, much the way street dealers get used and wiped out by drug czars.

Women must not be allowed to commodify themselves freely through independent prostitution, because the trade in mass-produced porno films--and exploited 18 year old actresses believing they're on the ladder to stardom--would drop dramatically.  The customer-service bullshit quality of the entire porn industry would collapse; strip clubs, bars, "adult product" shops and singles spots would shut down, and humans would start meeting and interacting with each other in a more open, direct fashion, unabashed by pretenses of being there "with friends" or "to watch the game" or "to catch a drink after work."

Sly whores would ply their first entries into the trade like old Japanese geisha, make bank, and produce a more discriminating and mature male populace, placing more demands for maturity and patience on the next generation of "sellers" and "buyers."

People would fall in love.  Beauty, lust and love would shake up class barriers.

This is similar to the marijuana v. prescriptions situation discussed in Professional Protection Rackets: any product that can be cheaply and efficiently produced by private individuals with a low investment, that addresses many needs of potential customers, needs to be made illegal through state regulation, in order to allow elites to monopolize the market in potential cures.  In the case of drug laws, marijuana and other home-grown pain relievers or mild psychotropics must be made illegal, so that people seeking such results will be forced to pay massive fees to big pharm and prescription-issuing agencies.  In the case of prostitution, cutting off the market for sex "at home" drives all potential customers through elite middlemen.

Gradually, this may change.  It won't bring down the system by itself; government "regulation" of nationwide prostitution, with registration, licensing requirements, disciplinary boards, and the normal gamut of advertising controls could limit independent operators and allow legalized prostitution to exist without shaking up any of the power structures.  For the time being, though, the "morals" and "health" thing work just fine to keep that particular facet of the economy tucked snugly under Bill Gates' scrawny ass.

Because everyone knows, he got his wife through personality and looks.  No prostitution involved in this society--no sirree Bob.


  1. Perhaps an eensey bit idealistic, but you've generally have the right idea. Here are some good pieces on the Swedish model and how it hasn't necessarily helped.

    1. The Swedish half-assed adaption is part of the generalized decades-long trend toward legalization under an elite extraction regime. While Sweden made "selling" legal, they still punish the customer, which means that transactions still have to be, in some level, underground. It also provides licensing authority to the state, which will be looking--as part of gradual legalization--to gain control over the direct selling of sex, in the same way that the fiendish piece of shit racketeers, mobsters and legislators in Las Vegas do now. Bringing that nationwide, or worldwide, won't change the essence of the extraction model; it'll just switch the "naughty" sign to a different target.

  2. No, I know that. That's what the pieces are essentially saying too.