Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hypocrisy Part 3

In response to Part 2, JM writes:

You yourself sir, haven't done shit. I would love to go out and bomb the shit out of places willy nilly, but presidents and army recruitment offices are replacable and well, I think you're really, really underestimating the people participating in Occupy, here is some of the shit they go through: Hell, even Chris Floyd was optimistic about the Occupy demonstrations, no really. So my question is what do you suggest is an alternative to the Occupy demonstrations. I really would love to have an actual answer and not some vague bollocks with a Ice T Video embedded. And maybe you should show some initiative too because you're doing the same damn thing you hate others for doing.

Parsing this reveals:

1) High Arka has accomplished nothing, either

2) OWS has done a great deal

3) Chris Floyd supports OWS

4) What is an alternative to OWS?

5)  High Arka hates others for accomplishing nothing, though she herself accomplishes nothing, and is therefore a hypocrite.

Responses follow:

1) Correct.  High Arka has looked out for number one, and associated peripherals.  If High Arka did hate others for accomplishing nothing (see #5 above), she'd be the very hypocrisy discussed in Part 1 of the series.

2) OWS has indeed done a great deal.  It has served as a pressure-release valve to encourage a new generation of undercasters to believe they have accomplished something, and assisted the American culture at large in deluding themselves with the belief that amorphous nonviolent "protests" and Festivus-like "airing of grievances" will accomplish something.

However, the world financial system remains not unchanged, but strengthened.  Allowing a show of resistance validates the "a great informed democracy has vetted our methods before we continued raping the world" viewpoint of the elites and their banks, lawyers and stormtroopers.  After all, protests were not allowed in 1984.  Therefore, if people protest now, it shows that we're doing something, and that the powers at large are forced to listen to us.

The pillaging and murder of the world continues unabated, only helped by the illusion of overcome resistance.  Much as Americans voting for different "candidates" demonstrates that the desires of the common man are expressed through American politics.

3) So?  Mr. Floyd is brilliant, insightful, and hard-working, but his support does not, by itself, confirm any idea is correct.  Deifying the previously correct is what got us all here in the first place.

4) An alternative to OWS?  Those are all illegal: guillotines, military resistance, refusal to pay taxes, defense of homestead against bank-state security forces who come to evict or repossess.  Empathic human defense of anyone in service of remedying injustice.  These things, though, in sufficient numbers, would become impossible to ignore, even for standard corporate media.  They'd catch public attention, and things might start rolling a new way.  Nach, this one isn't willing to fight off the foreclosing Sheriff of Nottingham first.  Number one, baby.

But don't have any illusions about it.  If someone kicked in the door to your house and shot your family to death, would you fight them?

Do you love all your fellow human beings?  Or just the ones who share your household?  Or just yourself and your own body?

Then why haven't you started fighting the people who are kicking in doors and murdering thousands of other families in the most brutal way possible, just because those families are located "far away" on the "globe"?

Answer: because you're looking out for number one.  You've already made the same selfish choice this one has.  You've decided that if ten thousand Pakistani kids are murdered by ignorant American soldiers, the farthest you're willing to go is to complain on an internet blog.

This one too.

If you're not responsible for any bodies other than yours: if a cop in your town went psychotic and started shooting families on your street, a new one each day, what would you do?  Complain to his lieutenant?  Complain to the mayor?  What if everyone ignored you?  Would you ever take more action than complaining on the internet?

5) There's no hatred for those who make the selfish choice.  We're all just playing the game.  If you're in the West Bank, your chips might be lined up such that it's worth giving security forces the billionth part of what they deserve, even if it takes your own life.  If you're pretty comfortable over here, why do more than blog on the internet?  This one doesn't hate you for making the choice.

This one will, though, point out the flaw in the following reasoning:

I am a noble American who recognizes the problems in this world.  To do good, I educate myself, make blog posts, and try to convince other Americans that they should disapprove of and/or stop doing such things.  (Or, alternatively and worse, I just agree with other Americans, who already agree with me, that things suck, and marvel at how incredibly they suck.)

The hypocrisy there is that this is only the action taken in response to the killing of people far away.  You would not act that mildly if it were your own body or your own family getting fucked to death, ceaselessly, by this empire so murderous.

You're putting up with Anglo-America right now because you haven't felt the sting so bad.  Be honest about it.  No hatred for the same choice this one made.  Don't hate the playa--hate the game.  After all, every baller on the street is searching fortune and fame.

It's difficult to admit that you're in the jungle, too, fighting like hell.  Because where does that lead you?

To forgiving Obama.  He's killing and fucking up whoever he can to accumulate obscene amounts of wealth and power, because deep down, he knows that if his bank balance or social status drops low enough, he could end up starving to death on the street, or getting hooded and dragged away.  Elites do the terrible things they do because they know what's waiting at the bottom if they fall off the ladder.  And if you're not growing, you're going.

This is anarchy.  The pretense of the state is only anarchy carried to its logical extreme--a bunch of people who tricked others into believing in illusory entities in order to justify constant screwing-over.  You know how you might wake up one day and realize you are, in fact, in Hell?  We're living in anarchy's jungle, and have been always.  It was quite a clever trick of the past and current winners to pretend we're not, and "vilify" anarchy to help convince everyone that we're living in the furthest thing from it.

Obama is all of us.  We are all guilty.  The cancer doesn't live without the body, baby.

More on anarchy and an ideal state later.  Peace out.


  1. You know there have been occupy demonstrations against forelosures yes?
    I'm sorry we can't all be militia men with guns at the ready, some of us have no choice but to read, discuss and support movements form a far. You really, really are fucking belittling the Occupy movement,but I know I'll never convince you. I'm done with you.

  2. Demonstrations? As in, "We peaceably register our protest, but will never do anything more to stop you"?

    How's that working out for any of us?

  3. What do you want them to do? What would satisfy you exactly? A violent uprising? An paleo anarchist based community? What?

  4. "You're putting up with Anglo-America right now because you haven't felt the sting so bad. Be honest about it. No hatred for the same choice this one made. Don't hate the playa--hate the game. After all, every baller on the street is searching fortune and fame."

    Something similar going on over here:

  5. Just noticed this; very nice. Will run over there in a few.