Saturday, February 4, 2012

Kelley's Suicide 2

Succeeding Kelley's suicide 1.

The only way to truly excel at duckspeak is to understand duckspeak, which is itself thoughtcrime.  The highest members of the Party will, therefore, always be those who are constantly guilty of thoughtcrime, for without seeing what's really going on, they could never keep selling the con so well, over and over.

Which is why Obama pwns all of you, in addition to being one of the most wholly terrible entities ever to have slithered his way across the human scene.  Bush's honest, violent stupidity can't ever compare to Obama's serpentine loathsomeness.

What may have crushed Kelley, and so many other unseeing participants, is the belief that they're living in a semblance of justice--which belief is ever troubled by nagging little doubts.  Once you pull too hard on a string and begin to see the facade, you may be unable to reconcile the horror, and find that it's time to step out.

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