Monday, February 20, 2012

linked article: Only a Tsunami Will Do

Rita K-A via demize.


Alert! Alert! Most every frightened fear-monger was raised by a mother. Do you think she might have some role in creating the monsters their offspring become? Or are the domineering, child-beating, Abu Ghraib, star-quality commandeers of the global-stage-sans-cock simply patriarchs with pussies? What do you call women who urge — if not order — their men to war to return as heroes protecting the oh-so-sweet and suddenly available booty? From ancient Helen of Troy to the re-released Lysistrata, the cunt is no stranger to the imperial battlefield. Tell me, is it gender, class, or race privilege that keeps the blood off the hands of the Albrights, Elizabeths, Thatchers, Rices...?
Full article from Ms. Rita here.  


  1. Passionate yes, but it sounds to me a tad indivudalistic.

    1. Or even in-duh-vidualistic. Teehee.

      Just linked for a reference point; the world currently being in a state of anarchy, looking to anarchy for a solution is rather silly. Still beats the falsely named anarchy we have now, tho.