Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Little graphic analysis

(Shared from NYC Educator.)

The military counterpoint to this is that veteran salaries and benefits should not be included, nor nuclear weapons research done under the guise of civilian power-generation research. And of course, the graphic only reflects the formal budget. Black books military operations get filed under any number of non-military things, and may not by law be publicly reported. Disavowed operations and research aside, most "actual education" dollars go to construction and technology companies, and most "actual health" dollars go to pharmaceutical conglomerates, insurance/finance agencies, et cetera, and most "housing" dollars go to construction, technology, and mortgage write-offs for the second and third mansions for the superwealthy. In truth, the graphic is actually skewed unfairly toward the military, so as to portray military spending in a too-positive light. Concomitant with this, though, the "military" spending is also, itself, a ruse. While things may be filed under "military," they're actually mostly research funding, weapons development, base construction, fossil fuel burning, raw materials procurement for cool weapons and associated gizmos, subcontracted shipping/transportation, foreign-official bribery and technology sales, et cetera. "Military," and all the associated visceral killing, is itself a disguise in plain sight for resource extraction from the gullible. It appeals to the traditional red-stater, it makes the traditional blue-stater raise an eyebrow, and somewhere outside that false dichotomy, the real story of constant robbery via a racketeering structure plays out.

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