Friday, February 24, 2012

May you enjoy

Just another whiny Floyd repost.  One Rob Waller writes:

The people who comment here ARE indeed angry. We don't come here for campfires and Kumbaya. We come here to read a great journalist's thoughts and add our own, and enjoy the intelligent comments proffered. I can attest that I like all the regulars, but that doesn't mean I agree with them at every turn, but, that's what social intercourse is about...

Response: You might try aiming for a human unity that you find enjoyable. Treating people well does not have to involve campfires and Kumbaya, nor drinking Budweiser until you vomit on the steering wheel before crashing into the garage door and sending your best friend through the windshield. It doesn't take much courage to praise the popular host or his most cherished and powerful guests--that type of clannishness (tribalism, if you all prefer) is one way humans can manifest bad behavior. The dark uncle of that exclusivity is the same as it is at the country club: the people outside the gates, or outside the "borders," or across the ocean, suddenly have less worth. It's very easy to shut someone out and ignore them, particularly when you can't handle the dissonance produced by what they have to say. This one has only a few hopeful illusions about how these exchanges will end, but will keep faith in your open spirits and goodness long after the bulldozer has crunched by. After all, that's why the early internet failed to crush this one. Perhaps someday, if this one becomes tired and jaded enough, there will be a retreat--a retreat to a place where rules are learned, behavior is standardized, and it's time to complain about the gub'mint, agree that others are stupid, and do little else. Many of you have already made this retreat to Floyd's blog. Rejected by the DLC or the GOP or the church or the local tavern, you've created your own little clique on the internet, where *you* have the power to crush and ignore others in the company of like-minded individuals who agree with you that people who say weird things are weird and crazy and shouldn't be listened to. Finally, you have the power. Time to use it. And the model continues. This one will be here, speaking quietly into the wind of derision and "you're too boring/irrational/wicked to merit listening to"-style comments. If the only prize for learning proper behavior is to join others in shutting out the unpleasant, then as this one told the evangelical Christians recently, "May you enjoy watching me burn in Hell for not agreeing with you."

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