Thursday, February 16, 2012

No, no, no

Chris Floyd on Greenwald, linking also to Arthur Silber's desired ad campaign against invading Iran.

No amount of bearing witness, media campaigning, blogging, or other clever-ry will stop the grindery.  Even if an even larger majority of the public would "vote" or "speak out" against war, the Pentagon isn't going to let all the treasure go.  Why would they?  The best you got is ad campaigns, and you don't even have those.

This one lives in acknowledged truth of making the selfish decision to play for number one.  You are, too.  That's why you're so excited about buying ad space to ask people to please play nice.  This is the jungle, baby. There's not going to be any enduring "nice" until we get rules.  And there aren't any but the ones they're making.  You like ads because, even if they did happen, they'd let you contribute a few dollars of American currency, then settle back without risking your neck, home, kids, dog, cat, retirement plan, etc.  You're not willing to put those things on the line.

The Pentagon is.  Obama is.  Obama is willing to play so hard that he will commit mass murder and war crimes in front of the entire world, daring them to come get him--and no one has the guts to get him.  Nope, "I" don't, either.  Too much to lose.  You too?  Ouch.  Well, Obama does have some skin in the game.  And he's winning.  Surprise, surprise.

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