Saturday, February 18, 2012

Speak for the unpopular any way, and you will become the unpopular.

Teh internets is so funny.  Over 2011, under various guises, this one has been in the trenches with the Tea Party, the "centrist" Republicans, happy Obama Democrats, resigned Obama Democrats, the directionless confused, and the fiercely anti-Obama radicals.

And in no case has this one been popular.  The talking points change, but the pointing in the other direction while ignoring inherent flaws and getting angry at having them pointed out doesn't.

Tea Party finds this one a traitorous centrist Republican; Republicans think "ignorant, Socialist liberal!  she's part of what's destroying this country!"; the Obama Democrats of both sides think this one's a wacky, idealistic liberal who doesn't understand the real world; and the radicals think this one's a wacky, idealistic no-prepackaged-term who doesn't know the proper time and place for debating certain subjects.

So, which is it, humanity?  Is only one of you right?

Yeah, teh sigh.

Update.  Quoted response to Chris Floyd, who used the old "this is neither the time nor the place to debate meaningful issues, so I'll censor whenever I want" line.

Rhetorical point follows: I'll accept that, but how can you reconcile it with your own white supremacy? You criticize the actions of our African-American president ALL THE TIME, and if david's criticism of Zionist bankers makes him "race hating," then you might as well put on a white hood. /end rhetorical What pains you in reviewing that is that you're willing to go only so far with your analysis of entrenched power. You're comfortable criticizing Christians, Americans, and stupid white-boi soldiers from red states, but if someone suggests that a certain subset of people who identify as "Jews" might have done something naughty, it triggers all the BAD SUBJECT conditioning, and you fly off the handle and delete it. If you can't talk about how World War II might've happened, then by god, you better not talk about how 9/11 happened either. I knew someone who died in the tower, okay? No, seriously. So your rabid America-hating is so noxiously disgusting that I delete, delete, delete it. No, you may not make arguments. No, you may not discuss sources. I won't even bother reading them. That might be a noble aim, but this isn't the place. Get off my internet. All of the brokers and managers in the twin towers made the internet POSSIBLE, man. And you even claim that 9/11 was EXPLOITED by Americans. As though a grieving populace who had lost thousands of its own people should become the VICTIMS again. Christ, the tea party was right. Coward "radicals." You can't even examine yourselves and your own prejudices. Sure, you do a great job complaining about Obama, just like Obama supporters do a great job critiquing the Bush tax cuts. But you can't handle anyone who criticizes your own understanding of things. It scares you so much you instantly delete it. All you want is a chorus of people agreeing with you, like any other of the TRIBES you so proudly analyze under Silber's rubric. You don't have a formal "party," but you have your no see-ums and your restrictive boundaries and if anyone steps outside, you vanish them. Sigh. Yeah, sigh. Why keep looking? They're all the same. It's only the style of dress and choice of words. Is there an openness anywhere?

Whiny fucking radicals.  The lessons of Addressing Evil find no place there.

There is, it seems, no place where censorship and deliberate, proud ignorance travel not.

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