Friday, February 17, 2012

Those Damn Anti-Women Republicans

...are at it again.  Because, like, Santorum wants to restrict access to pills and abortions.  Nach, Wolff was all over this one, like an American liberal on so many comparatively inane talking points.

This one spaketh:

Thank you for the link, and this one read it through twice. It's so horrible to see women's freedom under assault in so many angles. Unfortunately, the DLC is not doing very much to resist this sort of thing. In fact, they're standing against women's freedom in a lot of ways. So few people know what their policy actually is. Read:
And provided this old link:

Democratic Plan to Block Birth Control.  


Fucking spoiled Americans.  Your birth control pills are worth so very, very much more than the shredded bodies and dispersed souls of thousands of little brown kids who never got a chance at life.  We must take immediate action to protect free access to those birth control pills and abortion doctors in one nation on this planet.

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