Monday, March 5, 2012

At Least Oldies Didn't Fuck Around

Mr. Smith takes note here in Republicrats and Demolicans respond to the Occupations... of the 2011 bill further codifying the lack of an American right to assemble.

It's so cute that they even feel the need to write up another little law tearing up the Bill of Rights. It's like insisting that your dolly use a napkin ring before having a fake high tea, even though you're just going to unfold the napkin onto the dolly's lap as soon as you've rolled it up into the ring. What anal-retentive tyrants. I'm starting to respect Genghis Khan for at least not weenying around this much.

Do you really need such an elaborate paper trail for this kind of fascism?  The size of the book report must be impressing somebody somewhere.

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