Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Hunger Games

Oh, what a surprise.  Another big publisher publishes a guaranteed success: a "children's novel" popularized by white adults with Kindles, put out by a richie from Connecticut with an M.F.A. and extensive industry experience.

Let the gushing begin.  Err, continue.

Besides ripping off Arnold Schwarzanegger and about 1/10 of every other American sci-fi story since the advent of radio drama, this dreck does a brilliant job of sweeping up maturing Harry Potter fans who were looking for something to collectively gush over in-between Twilight movie releases.

And--gasp, gasp!--the surprises continue.  The New York Times and Time magazine loved it!  It's almost like the cheerleading section for American's election charades, genocide, imperialism, and domestic fascism has a vested interest in creating and promoting worthless entertainment, like so many high fructose slurpees and Ritalin, to keep the masses fat, drugged and content.

Inspires repost of The Sad State of Art to succeed this.

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