Sunday, March 11, 2012

Moving Day

Watching someone die, or watching someone be born, are both so beautiful because they convey the cycle by proximity.  As a point of light is "created" or "ended," a witness can experience the brand newness of each transition, which cannot always be felt so easily "alone."  For humans, watching a movie or sharing a meal is often more enjoyable than doing the same things alone; partaking in the experience with another, even if there is little to no conversation or other associated decoration, frequently produces a runoff of shared experience, or warm fuzzies, that makes the situation more enjoyable.  Closer to the all, as it were.  Ergo the "laugh track" illusion; the attempt to create a feeling of being part of something.  Useful to lull unsuspecting individuals away from one another and make it easier to finish them off separately.

When one watches deathlife occur, that sharing is stronger.  As the lightspring connects more to, or separates a little from, a node perceptible in the conscious way, its presence is more easily sensed.  Like watching someone carry the first box of old books into a brand new house, or lock the doors that last time on a home of years before heading out to the truck, the emotional, happy-sad feeling of being a shared witness to the everflow finds its locus in the point of transition.

Proximity, though, is the simple sauce for the uninitiated.  Right now it's happening somewhere "else" in the world, to someone "else"--perhaps a thousand times over, this "instant."  The witnessing is constant.  The beautiful, sorrowful joy can be felt always, allowing one to swim constantly, aware more and more often of what is always there.

Bright seasons will forever change again and again

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