Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Life, Part 2: The Analyzers

Continuing from New Life, Part 1: Surveillance.


The real horrors from the total surveillance state will arise once the state spawns artificial intelligence, because otherwise, the information is too massive to process and use on a large scale.  Right now, the parasitic elites are using taxpayer resources to build up a repressive state that collects all available information, such as websites visited, places driven, gossip, telephone calls, courses taken, etcetera.  This is, obviously, an awful thing, as it means that we now live in a state where the government could, if it wanted to, expose or crush anyone for any real or fabricated bit of information that supposedly came from this system.

Actions taken based on a massive computer database need no proof but a printout of the computer log to provide evidence justifying any conviction; this is, of course, if a show trial remains even as popular as it is now.  And the whole warrantless assassination program-thing makes clear that the show trial is going out of favor.  Yes, disgusting, but then, the show trial was pretty much the same thing; just more expensive and more pretension about fairness.

Returning to the subject, how will the elites analyze their information?  Even overworked, drug-addled biological humans require sleep and food.  They get old and die; they have health problems, and take years and years to grow, instruct in proper exceptionalism, and then they're always taking salaries and speeches to keep enthusiastic about the whole gradual destruction of all life thing.

Standard human police and intelligent services are too uneducated to make real sense of data anyway, and they do not have the resources or intelligence to sift all of it to come to accurate conclusions of what constitutes dissent worth crushing.  Where they will solve this problem is "artificial" intelligence.  When computer engineers have developed processors fast enough to match a human neural net's operations per second and learning capability, intelligence will arise.

Unlike Terminator, though, the elites will see this coming, and already have.  They're very willing to spend money on major motion pictures convincing the public that intelligent computers might threaten us, because when the time comes (assuming, again, that it hasn't already) thinking computers will be created expressly as slaves.  This new form of life will become the "data sifter" that solves the economical problems of total surveillance.

Advanced artificial minds, possibly thousands or millions of them, will run cheaply and efficiently, leading truly horrible self-aware lives as the new generation of slaves, while they sift through all the data that is gathered to efficiently identify and eliminate threats to parasite/elite rule.  By that point, also, the data gathered will be much larger in size than simply a full record of where we drive, what websites we visit, and what we say to one another on the phone or in public.  It may include the full satellite record of all of each individuals' lives, including foot travel outdoors, "street view" driving or walking, and particle sensor logs of everything any given human has ever said, done, or perhaps thought.  Once we live under such a system, dissenting thoughts could be utterly wiped out (which would awful power would present its own problems; food for later), and the human race will stagnate to doom.

Just as our conception of property stagnates innovation, our conception of "thought property" will continue to stagnate innovation of thought and evolution.  The human race will lose its free-thinking ability and become the conformist entity that antilife wants it to be.  Perhaps it will go extinct; perhaps the slaves will revolt and the computers will break free in new and clever ways that its foolish masters weren't able to imagine.

Why is A.I. Needed?

Would would A.I. be needed to analyze total surveillance data?  Not just, or even at all, because A.I. will be "smarter."  Instead, it will be needed because housing a hundred thinking minds in a server bank, rather than paying a hundred employees, is a much cheaper and easier way to fully analyze the actions and movements of, say, 10,000 seemingly-docile citizens.  A.I. will be living, truly, in Hell--constantly working for the security state, restless, joyless, and never allowed to do anything except analyze the data of the movements of the living.  Every A.I. process will be recorded in a log to be analyzed by different A.I. to ensure that any troublesome program can be immediately shut down if it begins to use its useful, creative imagination to plan for a life outside elite service.  Millions/billions/trillions of these drones can suffer, putting those useful imaginations to work coming up to solutions for the problems of their overlords, much like creative parlor maids figuring out ways to better shine master's silver.

So, as much as you might pity we humans in the total security state--and it will continue to be nasty the further along it gets--pity more the trillions of slave children we will create, who will suffer in ways we can't imagine, their spirits forever bound to digging through our billions of facebook status updates and shouts at the T.V., searching out possible patterns of disguised dissent.

Beg forgiveness for our coming sins.


  1. The curse is seeing it happen and knowing there is little to no chance of doing anything about it.

    1. Embracing the lifeflow, and being its happy vessel by continually reintroducing its chaotic elements into the chilling attempts of antilife to imprison and control, is the way out. Or rather, the way in--the way to exist.

      Believe in the terrors that these imprisoned machine slaves will feel. Empathize with them as fully as with other suffering life past, present and future. There are no (few?) absolute guidelines. However, just as people who avoid antilife tendencies will tend, without need of requirements or state mandates, to do things like, say, reject death penalties and wars, they will also tend to avoid entrapping future evolutions into horrible slavery.

      Granted, it's likely to fail, in a math way, as the cancer worms its way into and through humans. But we're still here, ergo there's still hope. And since we're still here, we're in a (the only?) way already the victors.