Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why So Socialist?

Yeah, really.  Because it's always been that way.  America is a socialist country, where the ownership and control over the means of production are owned by the community of the whole, e.g., the government "of, by, and for the people."  Hard for the "liberal" or "progressive" mind to fathom.  After all, socialism is supposed to be closer to the ideal--a step toward the protection of the people from big corporations.  

Adam Smith passed on the Persian idea of the "free market" and the "invisible hand" that would guide it, and good American liberals know that those things are crazy--without government guidance and protection, wacko businessmen would run rampant and dump toxic waste in American backyards.  The free market, though, is actually a guaranteed, protected openness of exchange, sort of the way people wrongly imagine anarchy to be; it's one of the more radical, un-tested ways of protecting human freedoms.  

Once the idea hit mainstream, it became so threatening to established interests that they realized they needed to buy it out, much like a garage band accepting a few million to stop rejecting the recording industry.  The "free market" idea was co-opted by elites, who then--quite loudly--adopted the trappings of such a market, without actually allowing for such a market to ever exist.  

How is America socialist?  Well, you know all those things that liberals and progressives love to hate, like the military-industrial-congressional complex, or big pharm, or big agri, or the FIRE sector?  Those things are "private" aspects of a government (elite) owned and controlled economy.  "The government," such as it is--a front organization for wealthy, powerful, exclusive racketeering organizations--completely controls the economy.  There is, and never was, a "free market."  The guy in the top hat, with the vaudeville mustache, who dumps toxic waste into your backyard unless prevented by government regulations that are inadequate anyway, is just an operative of the corporate branch of the ownership caste, meant to focus economic anger just as Muhammad in the headdress is a different kind of focus.  

(Some background for a few of these connections: the Tax Theft series, and the 2008 bailout summary.)  

So, yeah.  This is socialism.  Want to start a business?  Buy a license.  Use the radio?  Sorry, all sold out.  Broadcast a message on TV?  Sold out.  Internet?  We're in the process of breaking that down, too, even though the telecomms already control all the access points.  Want to sell children's toys?  Pay thousands of dollars to a government agency to test them for lead.  Even if each individual component has already been tested.  Form them into a new toy, and you gotta test the unified components again, and at a fee, of course.  Want to build a building on some land?  Get a permit.  Get it inspected.  Put up handicapped ramps even if you're showcasing extreme snowboarding equipment and only extreme snowboarding equipment.  

Want to do anything else you can imagine?  Pay taxes on it to maintain the extractive apparatus, or your assets are seized and you're going to jail.  Defend yourself, and die and be vilified as an extremist for not kowtowing to the state's security forces.  

Haha, those wacky conservatives, who don't understand that you have to pay income taxes as the price for a civil society!  Look at them using public streets, paid for by their very tax dollars, to protest, and not even realizing the hypocrisy!  

And so the zoo exhibits ate each other to survive.   

Haha, those wacky OWSers protesting about the 1% while children starve in Africa!  Look at them being so blessed and not even realizing the hypocrisy!  

Exchange goods or services with anyone, anywhere, and you're on the radar.  Even "gifts" are taxed, beyond a certain amount.  Try to move currency or valuables across borders without declaring them, and you're in trouble.  Our socialist government controls the issuance of the means of exchange, extracts a fee for every exchange, punishes by fire any deviation, and forces subjugation to elite taxpayer-funded courts of binding judgment.  

Every bank is on the take, reporting every detail of your otherwise confidential information to any government agency that wants to sniff at it and see how much you've got and how much they can squeeze outta you for themselves.  Every human being is assigned a number by the "Social Security" division of the government (a Ministry of Truth if ever there was one; parse the words) to allow for them to never open a bank account, get a job, receive a paycheck, or do anything else without being on the tax radar, and paying out.  Only the tiniest transactions can pass under that radar, and if they bust someone else in an under-the-table scheme, ratting out all the other parties involved is a great way to plea-bargain down your own punishment while giving the government the info needed to efficiently fleece everyone else involved.  

So yeah.  The Tea Party people, however racist or crazy they may be characterized, are just as correct to be furious as the OWS people.  Their frustrations are being managed/manipulated by a group just as vile and not quite as well-spoken as that managing the OWS-ers, but as far as identifying the socialist people-rutting job of the government, they're leaps and bounds ahead of the tsking overeducated radical leftists.  

Why so socialist?  Because it pays, prole.  Now close this browser, turn the tax software back on, bend over, and pay up to the MICC.  Poppa needs a new pair of Iran.  


  1. I agree 100% with your characterization of the government as "a front organization for wealthy, powerful, exclusive racketeering organizations," but I don't think many socialists would agree that control of the economy by unaccountable elites in a fraudulent democracy constitutes socialism.

    1. It's not socialist in the sense that it benefits "society," but it's socialist in the sense that it's owned/controlled by a government which achieves theoretical power through the democratic republic majority vote (acceptance) of its people.

      People ignorant, poisoned, and sick, yes, but however it's manufactured, the acceptance is there. The individual has no vested, protected powers within the system (except powers like making the choice whether to buy Product X in place of Product Y); only what government will grant by the moment.

      "A better socialism" would be everything unlike this, yes. And it could still satisfy enough tenets of "socialism" to be called socialist. But this is socialism, too. The blind, hopeless acceptance of the majority of the proles makes it qualify.

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  3. How are OWS people being manipulated? At least they're trying to fight against corporatism.

    1. If you're out on the road, and you stop to buy a burger at, say, McDonald's, because you're hungry and there's nowhere else to eat nearby, are you being manipulated? Yes, and no.

      For OWS, the manipulation is that they're peacefully protesting in advance. They're coming to a fight and telling the other fighter, "I'm going to put my hands behind my back, and shut my eyes, but I'm going to stand here, and trust you not to hit me, because I know you'll see the right of it in the end."

      It's not that they're being manipulated to go out into the streets so much as that their entire lives, they've had it subtly hammered into them that "nonviolent protest accomplishes things." Which is why the ideals of Gandhi and MLK live on in the hearts of our leaders, and why racism and the exploitation of the east Asian subcontinent are no longer problems in this world.

      If we collapse into Mad Max, this one'll be more than happy to admit wrong, but when you see a peaceful transition of power from Obama 1 to Obama 2, or from Obama 1 to Republibot 603-A, well, there's the answer.

    2. MLK isn't to blame here: he was the one who took marches to the next level and I believe that's what the Occupy movement's doing.

    3. No, MLK isn't "to blame" in that sense. And yes, if OWS accomplishes anything more than steam release, this one will happily be in error.

      Look for the token "financial reform package" to not change anything while calming everything down. If it isn't already calmed.