Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Everyone Smokes Pot For Fun

That smarmy, elitist wonder Luke Zaleski suggests here (in good company with the rest of Huffington's pulp) that Paul Ryan isn't cool enough to be VP because he didn't smoke enough pot, the way Obama and Clinton did.

Some people, though, didn't smoke pot not because they weren't "cool." It was because they weren't rich kids who could afford to waste evenings and weekends spending allowance money that they didn't get and free hours that they didn't have acquiring and using expensive pharmaceuticals carried across the border by poor brown illegals who get murdered by rival gangs and jailed by the border patrol in order to bring play-weed to America's white buyers.

The upper-class toking ritual Zaleski cites is a "rite of passage" primarily for white kids, who know that mommy and daddy and judgy can make sure they get a "warning" and a clean record through the ivy league if they do actually get caught. But they're unlikely to, considering that they aren't borrowing half a joint to desperately keep it together in between jobs and school and gangs, but rather, mixing up their private stash in daddy's backyard, in the comfortable suburban neighborhood where the cops rarely cruise. The urban minorities getting jailed and killed while supplying party favors to the "cool" suburban white bois are in the same boat as Zaleski, because, like, American sentencing is Fair and Balanced (TM), and consequences are all evenly applied.

Romney's "47%" remark can't even come close to this fantasy-land of self-indulgence. Please, oh Fates, let the boys in blue stage a no-knock raid into Zaleski's condo tonight, and let them break his furniture, step on his poodle, throw him in a cell with a few 250 lb. hepatitis-infected gentlemen from La Eme, and leave him there two weeks before realizing they mixed "Avenue" up with "Street."

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  1. fuck those assholes. it reminds me of certain friends talking about how great it is that places are less concerned about pot-smokers, like you can walk around with a j in portland and not get arrested, etc. and im always like, yeah, you dont get arrested if your white. it's like people always forget that we live in a ocuntry with the highest percentage of people in prison and the reason we forget is cuz most of those in prison aren't white.