Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Worldbuilding ~ Wanna Play?

The occasional n00b, as well as fantastically rich, famous, and powerful creators, worldbuilds on the cheap with info-dumps at the beginnings of their tales. As Schulz parodied so well, it was a dark and stormy night. John Richton was a sexy millionaire with questionable behavior but strong inner morals who had a PhD in biochemistry and played the harpsichord and lived in a high-rise penthouse apartment with six girlfriends when he got the call from the President that he needed to save the world again from a team of reverse-secret narco-terrorists whose membership included a former bikini model upset with the mistreatment of animals in Uruguay and possessing secret inner doubts about their mission.

You'd think it would be painful, but, like, the Hogwart's express was red and Robert L. looked mysteriously like Tom Hanks and Katniss knew that the world of the future was a harsh and bitter place where the world was divided into twelve lawless districts and one affluent city where poverty was formally humorous and doesn't it prove how thoughtful we are because we know that when it's announced it's bad and yet they kept watching Survivor and bombing Pakistani kids on TV so obviously they didn't learn anything because they weren't supposed to.

...which is why bad worldbuilding is so vital to the Powers That Be. Persecuted Puritans fleeing the Church of England in search of freedom, brave white pioneers migrating westward in search of land and survival, regretful white slave-owners learning to live in harmony, and Islamofascist freedom haters, are necessary reagents in the story that has brought one place to where it is now.

Imagination, conduit art, builds the possible. If all you ever learn to understand is what you're told in an info-dump, you're unable to discern real, subtle worlds around you, as you travel through real life over the course of, say, decades, where plots are longer than 90 (sigh) or even 180 (gasp!) minutes. You can make people buy/read/watch anything, if they've been previously conditioned to possess only the patience necessary to be told, by a voice of narrative authority, what the world is and how it works.

But I digress. If you want to play, send me an e-mail, high dot arka, [at ] g-mayle DOT! com. Sender source will be protected, no player information will be released without the prior express e-mailed consent of that player, yada yada. Time commitment? Once a week, for about as long as it takes to read a blog post. Mass info will be sent in bcc format. Nothing will be published without prior e-mailed consent of all players, yada yada. All player/player interaction passes through the High Arka filter. Once you sign up, you get your character sheet, then your initial prompt.

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