Friday, March 15, 2013


What if the ancients knew something we don't?

We know they did not, because they were nothing more than stupid, poorly developed versions of us. By definition, they were wrong about everything. Our new ways of thinking have proven themselves superior, and elevated us from the dark times caused by the ancients. New modes of structuring our thoughts and interactions are better, and these new things have saved us from the futility of the past. The very few good things the ancients accomplished were the things that turned out to be the undeveloped component parts of the ways we do things now.

Sometimes, though, when my monitor isn't looking, I start to wonder. What if they knew something we don't? Did anything happen during all those years other than a gradual progression toward the closer-to-perfection that is us? So many thousands of years. Just, what if?


  1. Kind've like this?

    Or this?

    Or this?

  2. the notion that "we" collectivelly know more than the ancients is ridiculous on several levels:
    1) capitalism as a production system is based on the systematic division of labor down to the simplest possible operations. the result is a degraded labor force that has no knowledge of or skill to control the overall production process. systematic de-skilling and degradation of labor and human capacity is THE prerequisite for the system to function

    2) the systematic elimination of all other ways to experience reality except science inevitably leads to technically competent, but spiritually illiterate population (the small part that actually gets educated)

    3) by destroying communal life, capitalism also eliminates the preconditions and opportunities for developing civic virtues and insight into the common faith of humanity