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Come Together, Part 4.

Succeeding Part 3.


Tim has just turned 16, and made the varsity football team faster than his older brother Rick did. Tim realizes that he finds several of the cheerleaders attractive, and that the world includes many attractive women. He is delighted to discover magazines and television advertisements that seem designed just to cater to his desires. The world seems full of people talking and making merry about how cool it is to have sex with attractive women.

To celebrate Tim's first football win, his parents take Tim and Tim's grandparents out to dinner. Excited about his victory, and about their cute waitress, Tim blabbers at the dinner table about babes, tits, and getting some. At last, his grandfather slams his fork upon the table, gathers his coat and his wife, and storms out. If you can't raise your child properly, he tells Tim's mother, then I don't want to be a part of it.

Tim isn't mad. He's not embarrassed. Actually, he's amused, because sex is natural and everyone knows about it, so why was his grandpa being such a prude anyway?

Decades later, while he listens to his own grandson prattle on about the latest attractive actress, Tim comes to a new realization: that day so many years ago, his grandfather wasn't being a prude. In fact, his grandfather was fully aware that people had sex. His grandfather simply didn't want Tim to talk about it at the dinner table.

Coming Together

Come Together and Part 2 covered how narratives of a mindless, irrational racism were used to give cover to group tensions that developed as a result of economic hardship. The tensions did, as discussed previously, result in a bunch of jerks actually being racist in the dramatic movie sense, but not for the standard reasons, ergo addressing the standard reasons does not solve racism. Part 4 will cover how modern attitudes toward homosexuality developed. We'll address the history of acceptances of, and hatred of, homosexuality, then watch how those developed into the jerkiness we may associate with the late 20th/early 21st century. Best of all, we'll find nuggets of misguided rationality in the outlooks of the current jerks, so that, as with standardized racists, we can understand what motivates them, and have a better chance at working past it. Once we work past it, we can all like each other, even if we find each other unattractive and/or icky and/or somewhat close-minded. Lastly, we'll look at how the creators of these original misguided hatreds are developing new ones, meant to be released to keep people turned against each other once "race" and "sexuality" fade in popularity.

Homo History

The snippets of Meizhen and Ju's story, and the love of Pericles and Procles, both from Part 3, are provided to remind us that homosexual behavior was not only "accepted" for most of what we think of as civilization--it was so ordinary that it didn't need to be accepted, anymore than people eating or having penile/vaginal intercourse needed to be accepted. Monkeys and the great apes are lavishly homosexual, and oodles of human sex studies have suggested that humans are inherently bisexual, at least during what most adults would prefer to call the "exploratory phase" of development.

It was the early imperial Hebrews, and their sexist, genocidal hate-screed the Torah ("Old Testament"), who began propagating the slaughtering and shaming of fags, the sacrifice of children, the shunning of menstruation and masturbation, the subjugation of women for breeding, and the butchering of foreign ethnic populations. The Torah best expressed, for purposes of Western Civilization, the culmination of sexual repression. The business model of expansive, hate-filled religion--mandatory in-group breeding, the offspring-producing rape of subject females, infant genital mutilation, child abuse/absolute child obedience, and the murder of genetic outsiders--required, early on, the formal elimination of homosexual relationships. In the early twentieth century, many western European Jewish publications were still violently anti-homosexual, railing against the "Jesuit fags," but by the late twentieth century, the continuing rise of scientific imperialism resulted in a highly positive relationship between modern western Judaism and expressive public homosexuality, while Islam and Christianity had taken over the mantle of monotheistic sexuality-condemnation.

Religion and ethnic banding aside, it's almost a normative statement to invent or use a word like "homosexuality" anyway, because it implies that human sexuality is not, intrinsically, total human sexuality. If you subscribe to western ideas of evolution, adding prefixes like "homo" or "hetero" to describe the sexuality of beings that culminated from millions of years of bisexual reproduction, created from base "female" models, is like coming up with special terms for those who prefer chunky peanut butter to creamy. It's certainly a relevant and meaningful distinction, especially if you want a sandwich, but probably irrelevant elsewhere.

Why was the Torah so terribly, violently anti-homosexual? Because the Torah was, as said above, a business model: its purpose was to unify a group of "Chosen," ethnically similar peoples, and encourage them to breed and expand. Like the later Catholic structure, and the penultimate modern Mormon structure, the Torah encouraged the propagation of Chosen children, who would be beaten with the rod until they learned to revere their parents and their God, and who would then follow orders to expand, murdering and enslaving everyone else, down to the last child.

All the Torah's directions to its followers made sense in light of a plan for exclusive genetic expansion. Before modern nations had been developed, the facial, linguistic and cultural similarities of ethnic groups provided efficient recognition of who could be trusted. The dangers of childbirth, and high fetal death rates, meant that if the early Hebrew leaders wanted to grow a large and powerful enough population to expand and conquer, women couldn't be trusted to go their own way: they and their wombs had to be pressed into the service of the state (women/authority/men). Men could also not be trusted to swive other men (Leviticus/make fags bleed), or to spill seed upon the ground (Onan), because their seed should be going into wombs to produce more Chosen who could murder the sodomites down to the last child (pick your Book). If enough grown women weren't available, you had to rape your own daughters to keep the game going (Lot, et. al.)

Early hatred of homosexuality was a simplified form of the anti-homosexuality we still see traces of today: early homosexuals living under the law of the Torah were flaunting their duty to care only for God and God's Chosen. By loving partners of the same sex, they reduced their contribution to reproduction, war, and child-shaming, so the Big Cloud Man hated them and commanded His followers to kill them.

Islamic rebels against the Old Testament looked to the Qur'an, and many Arabic societies managed to find respected places for open homosexuals for hundreds of years, before modernized economic tyrants began exploiting western mores. A long and relatively lavish tradition of Islamic men not directly cross-dressing, but wearing extra fancy robes and pink head-scarves, served administrative functions in Islamic nations since well before the Ottoman Empire; the guarding of, (and service in) harems, or just servitude to royal females, was often similarly entrusted to transsexuals that westerners fetishized (sometimes rightly) as "eunuchs."

Many "eastern" societies, almost completely free of the plague of the Torah, enjoyed long centuries of openness. Japanese otokonoko, or "boys" (cross-dressers), or just bishonen, and their equivalents across the Far East, mysteriously managed to dodge century after century of the supposedly inevitable prejudices that western theorists are still eager to discover.

In the meantime, a long series of western empires had arisen. The Chosen of the Torah established their own empire, followed by a (largely homoerotic) Athenian empire, succeeded by Rome, Christianity, and the great play of the racist, inbred, infanticidal, crusading, wife-beating Catholic European princes (who westerners currently love idolizing in television dramas). Once the traders and moneylenders had begun to invade China, Korea, India, and Japan, they transplanted ideas not just about guns and the proper place of women, but about how immoral gays were--a few hundred years later, this cultural contamination would provide bad evidence to the descendants of the western imperial peoples, who could use that "evidence" to claim that eastern countries had developed similar anti-homosexual mores to western ones.

Inventing the Ick Factor

As a result of the said cultural contamination, western imperial thinkers were, and continue to be, able to argue that anti-homosexual bigotry does not directly correlate to monotheistic traditions of ethnic and cultural supremacy, Judeo-Christian genocide, or western imperialism, but is instead caused by "the ick factor" of random, uneducated, overly-religious dummies: the same random dummies, usually, who supposedly hate different ethnic groups because of skin color or cultural habits. In the next segment, we'll consider the fabrication of the modern ick-factor myth in more detail, while looking at how the monotheistic western empires use "ick" to explain away ongoing tensions between avowedly homosexual and avowedly solely-heterosexual populations.

Continued in Part 5.

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