Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rape Culture

Pop Rape

Apparently, one of the popular new things to talk about among the telescreen-connected set is the rape culture, because a white girl apparently went to the wrong side of the tracks in some place in Ohio, and had photographs taken of her in compromising positions. As the girl's mother said of the wrong side of the tracks, "the culture is so different over there."

In pop culture land, it's certainly a scintillanting news item, sort of like when a middle class white girl disappears for a few days from a beach party in Rocky Point. The police state aspects of the case are enough to make Stalin proud. The police didn't need to get any physical evidence from the alleged victim; they didn't even need to get any testimony from her. Arrest, incarceration and prosecution were based solely on the testimony of other young men who were offered immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony. After cuffing a terrified teenager, throwing him in a sweaty-smelling interrogation room, threatening to put him in rape prison for ten years, make him register as a sex offender for life, be publicly humiliated beyond the grave, and never get a good job, ever, it's not that hard to get that terrified teenager to point the finger. Works on adults, too.

Americans are great at judging show trials. Like so many audiences on a futuristic version of Jerry Springer or The Running Man, "whatever's on" guides the attention. Thumbs come up or down, people hoot, and Jerry seems to ask pointed questions that divide the issue into a yes or no. What action should the state take? Even the strictest anarchists, in situations like these, often begin demeaning real, local, organic, homegrown people--who actually know and talked to the people involved, and who knew and talked to those people before the incident in question--for daring to attempt to understand a problem before bringing in heavily armed state agents. When the corporate media sensationalizes clips or pictures, and writes intelligent, pragmatic articles about how young people are guilty of sensationalizing clips and pictures, the irony seems to be missed, even in people who've otherwise figured out a lot of the dog and pony show.

Rape Culture and Abortion

Let's presume that some version of "it" happened, though, in the above case. The girl drank too much at her party in the comparative slums, puked and passed out, never gave drunken consent to any form of penetration, and then didn't report a crime afterward or get any physical examinations because she was paralyzed by fear. So, assume the rape happened, based on the speculation of some of the other then-drunk partygoers who said what the prosecutor wanted in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Immediately, the legion of white, middle-income American feminists is all over it. What is so deafening about this noise is the silence beforehand: namely, the more tangible rape that occurs as part of, say, foreign policy. We shouldn't ignore any rape, even in the face of ten thousand other rapes, but centuries of human history have taught us that rape occurs primarily in wartime. And that is the violent, choking, beating, killing, fully-awake, 1,000% definitely no-consent definition of "rape" of the occupiers against the occupied. When western legions lament the latest partying white girl who might not've been fully aware of being touched, after several years of voting for or being indifferent to any given American president, the silence is deafening.

Traditional American "conservatives" argue that they don't want to allow abortion because they want to defend babies. We know they're lying like hell, because those same conservatives are the most gung-ho about a number of things, such as:

1) Cutting funding for prenatal care for poor women;

2) Cutting education quality for almost all children;

3) Providing food stamps or jobless welfare payments to low income mothers;

4) Bombing countries filled with children back to the stone age.

Yes, we know those conservatives are lying. They pretend to care about the embryos in those expectant mothers, but they don't actually give a damn about life. The instant that baby is out of the womb, they are fine with it starving on the street.

The same situation, unfortunately, comes up when we examine traditional American liberals on the "rape" issue. When liberals focus heavily on sensationalized rape, this rape tends to include the details:

1) White victim;

2) Happens in America;

3) Middle to upper income victim (or the perpetrator is a celebrity, which can allow for a foreign, poor, and/or minority victim).

Just as when we examine the conservatives' supposed "life culture," the "no more rape" pleas of the media-directed pleaders provide an inconsistency, which could rudely, but fairly, be called hypocritical. Some stock things we've known for centuries about both rape and abortion are:

Incidences of rape and abortion are both more likely to be caused by lower income people. Celebrities get sensationalized, but the vast majority of rapes, even in first-world countries, are committed by poor men. Wealthier men are more likely to feel they have something at stake, or something to lose; they're more able to attract mates; they're more able to buy porn, hire escorts, be more familiar with less violent lives, or not feel bad about themselves and have a need to prove something to the world.

Similarly, poorer women are more likely to get an abortion--not necessarily a state-approved one at a medical facility, but the dirty, secret kind, where the right kind of drugs risk death but induce "miscarriage, cause unknown," or coat-hangers, or jumping up and down, getting a concussion out of terror at being stuck with an infant, et cetera. Wealthier women are more likely to have access to, and knowledge of, birth control, and to have years of education regarding family timing and choice-making.

Even if we're stock American liberals, we also know that social engineering through legislation tends to fail. Criminalizing an activity--such as having an abortion, smoking marijuana, driving over the speed limit, or rape--does very little to stop it. Women throughout history have found ways of miscarrying, irrespective of its legality (or whether or not the would-be-father approved), ergo the "coat-hanger" trope; many people find ways to smoke and deal marijuana, and just as in cases of abortion, incest, child abuse, disease, and loan sharks, rape seems to always follow in the trail of poor human populations.

Where there are poor, uneducated, or desperate women, the women will have sex (which we might call "unprotected" or "regrettable") that leads them to later deciding to abort an unwanted pregnancy. When women are fearful for their health, or their ability to care for a child, they will abort, or try to, even if Senator so-and-so says it's wrong. If you really care about protecting fetuses, then improving the financial health, available social support structure, and general education of a population results in massive fetus-protection by default--and, if you really care about achieving the goal of less drug use or less rape, you do the exact same things. You only hold drug wars, rape crusades, or abortion bans if you're furious and out to make a point. If you want actual results, you don't do crusades.

(This is why anti-abortion groups continue trying to spend government money "raising awareness" about abstinence, even while knowing that abstinence education is a guaranteed failure. Guaranteed failures--like drug wars, abstinence laws, abortion laws, or rape sensitivity classes--ensure that the original problem will never go away, thereby always providing an opportunity for venting anger and looking righteous.)

The standard strawmen are easy enough to identify and employ:

"You would have me reward women/blacks/men for their own unhealthy, poor, hurtful choices?!"

...all spoken as though women actively "want" to see the doctor and pay money for drugs or surgery to have abortions, rather than not getting unwanted pregnancies at all; as though blacks want to belong to violent street gangs selling drugs rather than having safe, fulfilling careers; as though men actively want to risk prosecution by having unwilling sex with resisting or catatonic partners. If you hate women, hate blacks, or hate men, those conclusions might seem reasonable, but if you're not, at heart, a bigot, you realize that illegal violence or surgery is not the preferred choice, and that increasing outrage and punishments accomplishes nothing except giving crusaders the temporary high that comes from misguided vindication.

And the biggest one of all, rape, and the termination of embryos and fetuses, occurs more during war and occupation than anywhere else. This is such a glaring, blinking, terrible light that it drowns out everything else written here. As mentioned before, American conservatives who take a "pro life" stance, then bomb little kids, are wrong by default. It is so with American liberals and the selective application of "no rape" flurries. When Hillary Clinton helps fund the occupation of Iraq, she is aiding in the murder of hundreds of thousands of women and children, the brutal gang rape and murder of countless survivors by coalition forces, and the imposition of a crumbling state that has resulted in, and will continue to result in, countless more lawless rapes by Iraqi men. The shattered, invaded colonies of the Middle East are lands of unreported rape that no legislation in Ohio can penetrate.

The teevee image of "the 1950s" made so many American women and men unaware, but women had, millennia ago, proven themselves as capable of masterminding and formally leading mass rape of certain populations, while at the same time engaging in domestic social organizing to increase the decency, chivalry, and respect shown their daughters back home.

It is never for lack of enthusiasm about victims in one's own fatherland that a society partakes deeply of rape and violence; it is, rather, an obsessive concern for those who look and talk like us, that allows us to sensationalize our own victims at the expense of the rest of the world. The farce of being moved to action over domestic rape statistics, particularly in response to those incidents selected by national media for purposes of sensation, is as shallow, and as revealing, as pro-lifers holding funerals for stem cells the day before going to a Toby Keith concert.

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