Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Because I can win even playing by your horrible rules, and still realize it wasn't fair. Because I can still care about the losers and see my "self" in them.

Because I've tried all the trinkets and trips and treats and I didn't fall under the spell. I don't mind that life doesn't come in bullet points and that it can't be fully explained here. I'm not frightened of beyonds.

Because being remembered in sinews and neurons fades, too, so you've painted yourself into a corner. Is that the only meaning, being remembered? I have the patience to talk to the clueless and not assign condescendingly normative jingoistic terms to anyone who isn't in my bandwagon right now. Because I don't care if it makes me a loser for a year or a thousand.

Because it wasn't the slaves' fault for being lazy or the Indians' fault for being uncivilized or the women's fault for being weak. Because I actually care. Because words mean things that are deeper than what you can get the biggest group of people to agree at any given point in time. Because every cheap self-help seminar in the world runs on condescension, simple answers, and bullet points, and what you're doing is nothing new.

Because an index fund always outperforms a managed fund and you're afraid you have nothing to offer but lies and little pieces of blame.

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