Monday, April 22, 2013

random Boston links

Mercenaries, and backpack photos.


  1. Fascinating. Excerpt from one of the course descriptions:

    "Students will develop a natural combat flow to solve solutions. They will know limitations of each tool and find the quickest route to violence, which may be empty hand."

    1. The sad thing is, a lot of these mercenaries are really spiritual and passionate about their work, but it's all misdirected. They believe they're doing the right thing, they work hard at it, they risk not only pain and death but the utter disregard of the rest of the world (if they're caught, even their friends will drug and forget them), and they focus seriously on their tasks with a minimum of BS.

      That's why the narratives we use to structure civilization are so important. Ones that lead inevitably to self-loathing, or any form of zero sum, take some of the most capable people among us, and turn them into that. In a sense, the storytellers are the most powerful.

  2. Yep, a fried of mine has this adorable dream that an army of these types of people could be possible - i.e. sort of global quasi-jedai army (after all, the jedai were mostly stolen from japanese spiritual traditions) that, in addition to combat excellence, also excels spiritually and ethically, and is disciplined and capable enough to stand up to any injustice :). I love the idea, but unless we are talking about present day samurai training just to be incinerated on TV by the people with the aircraft carriers, there are a few key links missing...