Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sites From Which I've Been Banned

Just for posterity, in roughly-chronological order, here follows a listing of just a few of the internet groups and sites from which High Arka, in some form or other, has been banned, beginning circa 1990:

Various ever-shifting Aryan Nations/proto-stormfront chatrooms, for: comparing racially-measured test scores of east Asian and Swedish students to those of white American students. Aryan conclusions: Arka is black and/or mixed race, and probably on welfare. End result: white supremacist chatrooms have been largely banned or restricted on most major servers.

Free Republic, for: repeatedly citing that Bill Clinton reduced the size of the White House staff (resulting in a minor administrative cost savings), gave larger proportional raises to active-duty military personnel than his Republican predecessors, reduced proportional welfare expenditures, and reduced the federal budget deficit. Freeper conclusions: Arka is probably a paid DLC internet operative. End result: Freepers are apparently as noisy as ever.

Several political/social ezboard communities, for: quoting portions of Leviticus on Bible-study boards that solicited questions for interpretation; quoting same on political Christian boards and discussing the immorality of stoning and/or the bloodying of homosexuals. Biblical conclusions: Arka is a homosexual activist. End result: EZboard seems to have been swallowed by the intervoids.

The Democratic Underground discussion forums, for: citing once that Bill Clinton reduced proportional welfare expenditures, and on other occasions, citing that Senator Barack Obama voted for several authorizations for President George W. Bush's use of force. DU conclusions: Obvious Republican-party operatives are not welcome on a forum dedicated to advancing the Democratic Party's reach. End result: DU is apparently as popular as ever.

Bitch PhD, for: stating that a male executive who orders the use of missiles to blow apart innocent women should be resisted, not voted for, by feminists. Bitch PhD's conclusions: frothing anti-abortion operatives are not welcome on a forum dedicated to advancing the availability of abortions. End result: Bitch PhD shut down, and years later, even its unused archives became password protected.

The Conservative Cave, for: advocating the net economic benefits to a hypothetical society that encouraged non-nuclear families. CC response: wordless ban, instant scrub of all records. End result: CC seems as popular as ever.

The Philosopher's Stone, for: arguing that it was neither anarchist nor Marxist to support a centralized capitalist government with continually increasing police powers, including the formal addition of indefinite detention without trial and unilateral worldwide assassination powers. Wolff's Response: I'm leaving soon for Paris, because I haven't been there in six months. The cretins in the Tea Party are so frightening that it is, in fact, anarchist and Marxist to vote for whoever they don't like. Also, you are hurting the causes of anarchism and socialism by failing to support pro-assassination capitalist executives. End result: Wolff appears as popular as ever.

Empire Burlesque, for: questioning whether a decade of summarizing old stories from The Guardian and The New York Times was an effective means of resistance to the corporate media machine, or whether it might actually be helpful to corporate media to freely disseminate their stories. Floyd's conclusions: Obama supporters in disguise, trying to anger my readership by questioning my dissent, are not welcome on my site, where our purpose is to bear honorable witness to stories printed in The Guardian and/or The New York Times. Also, I want a job at Counterpunch and that's basically what they do, so lay off. End result: EB seems as popular as ever.


So, now that I'm a Gay Radical Activist Immigra-Nationalist Straight Conservaliberal Establishment Anarcho-Zionist Tea partying Obamite/Red-Capitunist On Food Stamps (also, Transsexual Slave-Trafficking Prude, but I can't remember the name of some of those places), where to?


  1. But you won't be banned from Pied Cow Blog!

    By the way, I read a few posts over at Robert Paul Wolff's blog lately to see if there might be any evidence of intellectual growth that might give rise to independent thought. None that I could see.

  2. Lol, unlike being sentenced to drink the hemlock, which can only be done once, you can be banned over and over again! That shit is mad progressive!

    Talking, even politely, virtually never changes people's minds, but it is still worth doing for one's own sake. Any major social change has been simply the kicking down of a rotten door (JK Galbraith), and apparently the door is not nearly rotten enough yet.

    I don't blog (the competition is too stiff, lol), but I talk, and so I've been cut off by a few liberal friends, presumably for tarnishing their sensible, decent, self-images. Either way, No Pasaran!

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  4. You forgot Blame the Patriarchy. :-) What was that for, again? Using the word "mulatto"?