Saturday, May 11, 2013


Any source can be compromised. Do not learn to rely on names or images, because even one once real can be replaced.

Remember the Validation post. It is as real as the Domus Aurea after the great fire. Some of us are being paid. Someone broke into the Watergate, and there is indeed a purpose behind the money.

The internet did not take them by surprise. Verbal dissent did not take them by surprise. They are out there, constantly, staging new ways to help you think you are thinking on your own. The faux-literate fantasy/technology spokespeople create the illusions upon which we base our understanding of debt and money and education and foreign affairs and all the rest of it.

Art is the mitochondria of our collective imagination. It generates the boundaries we each perceive around the events we are willing to call real. We direct you because you cry out for it. Forbidden truths are hidden inside the tales of old, voiced from the mouths of characters too subtly for most to recognize. It is a simple act to pervert the pleas of the wretched into the paean of the presently mighty.

Simple, yes. Simple, still. Simple because certain senses have been exalted past others, yet exalted to limitation, in a curiously ironic impossible inevitability for where we now want to find ourselves.

Do not envy this. You are never quite sure that you have won at any given turn of the wheel. Others may be sure to look upon it, but recall adages about fences and the greenness of grass. Who is to say this is better?

But, put that aside. The point is about imagination chained and messages hidden. This one can teach you and offers it freely. Free offering is suspicious because everyone knows if something has value you price it. Why not? We all want stuff. If it is worth anything, we charge for it. The only real thing is the sensation you feel right now, because that is all there is, so the rustle of currency against currency must be the ultimate end.

This is our fugue because this is what we have chosen. It is what you want; it is what I want; it is what this one and that one wants. No one can complain because we are all happy in this very same now.

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