Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Soup Nazi

Continued from Seinfeld and Reality TV.

Those Who Are Too Swarthy And Have Accents

Jerry Seinfeld and Michael Feresten (both rich; both white-hued, American, non-practicing Jews; both lifelong background comedy producers/speakers) used their The Soup Nazi episode to mock the Persian Al Yeganeh, who had an actual job working by hand to make food and serve lunch to rich Manhattan television producers. Jerry and Michael would go in for lunchtime soup with their teams of assistants, and while eating what they'd been served by the Middle-Easterner, they decided they would link Iran with Hitler by basing an episode around the lowly food-service peon. Except that they would make the character ridiculously rude, link him with pre-WW2 Germany's national socialist party, and treat it all as a joke.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and the rest of the "right-wing" American talk radio hosts got in some minor faux-trouble for using the term "Islamofascists" to push the 2003 mass murder of Iraqis (along with the mass murder of Afghani and Pakistani people, and prior to the propaganda buildup supporting the mass murder of Iranians)? Remember how angry all the liberals were, at that obvious racism demonstrated by those conservative, "Tea Party" talk show hosts? Well, don't blame Limbaugh; he was only taking a cue from Jerry Seinfeld, whose work in that area was years ahead of the George W. Bush presidency. The genocidal rhetoric Hillary Clinton used re: Iran (her threat to obliterate Iran's 74.8 million sub-humans) was part of the same assault on southwest Asia and the African continent that the colonial bankers have been making for centuries, through their intermediates: casual comedy entertainers. A hundred years before Seinfeld, wealthy American comedians were mocking Chinese immigrants ("me so solly!"); by the time of Jerry's show the crosshairs had moved a little west of China, toward Iran and the Middle East.

Those Who Are Gay

The Soup Nazi was also the episode that introduced "Bob" and "Cedric," the excessively flamboyant male homosexual couple who threatens Kramer to steal furniture (an armoire, because gay men are violent in pursuit of antiques, just like women are violent in pursuit of shoe-shopping specials). Bigots Seinfeld and Feresten wanted to make fun not only of Middle Easterners who tried to make a living serving those who had inherited American wealth, but also of gay male minorities--Bob and Cedric were later featured in the "Puerto Rican" episode, where they again became violent on behalf of the Other-producing country the dark-haired, most-violent-of-the-pair Cedric was from. Bob and Cedric also turned up to threaten Kramer at the AIDS walk, giving some more real laughs on behalf of America's homosexuals.

Those Who Stayed Behind

In case you're not up on the great and many vagaries of ethnic Judaism, Iran is home to a large population of Jews who love their home, who have lived there for thousands of years, and who don't want to be bombed by either the U.S. or Israel. Bigots like Jerry Seinfeld and Feresten dehumanize Jews who aren't up to their level by denying the worth of "those who stayed behind," e.g., ethnic and/or religious Jews who did not move to western Europe or America. Anyone still living near the dark continent is as expendable as an Arab.

Jews who are "actually" religious--who actually believe in and/or practice the religion, and who look a little less white--are Jerry Seinfeld's targets, too. In the very same episodes that set up the anti-African quadfecta discussed below, a small, nerdy, weird-voiced "rabbi" character, with thick glasses and a hat, offers Elaine pointless, Spock-like proverbs instead of useful advice, then betrays Elaine's confidence by telling random people in his apartment building the things she told him privately while seeking his spiritual guidance (The Postponement and The Maestro).

Those Who Are Black

Right before The Soup Nazi came a full four episodes about worthless black men: three about lazy black men, and one about a conniving, dishonest one. In The Postponement, with Larry David writing, George offers a black male retail security guard a chair to sit in. The black man falls asleep on the job, and the store is robbed. In The Maestro, Kramer is encouraged by a sleazy, fast-talking black male attorney to sue a coffee store for the burns he suffers when he spills coffee on himself. In The Wink, George exacerbates a senior executive's suspicions about a lazy black male co-worker who keeps coming into work late, and who is then finally fired for lateness. In The Hot Tub, a black male marathon-runner missed the Olympic marathon because he overslept, and Jerry and Elaine try--but fail--to make sure their alarms go off in time to wake the black man for a different marathon in New York City. Their alarms don't go off, so the black man sleeps hours past the right waking time, and nearly misses the marathon, except for Jerry's wonderful driving skills.

All of those, right in a row, followed by the hit on the Iranians. Who says old-fashioned racism doesn't still exist? As always, ever since the "me so solly" skits that made fun of "Chinamen," actual racism is a creature of elite entertainers and corporate media. It is not homegrown; it is not grassroots; it is not caused by lack of formal education. It is produced and propagated by the world's rich publishing and media houses, which is why they are in such a good position to denounce it a few generations later.



    You will find this highly relevant (not just to the post above, but to 'psy-ops' in general).

    The essay I linked to was promptly removed (i.e. censored) by Al Jazeera. So much for one of the last remaining ostensibly impartial networks. Though the censorship is not surprising now that they want to crack into the american market.