Friday, May 17, 2013


George Takei has taken another of his heroic, selfless, humble, poignant stands on an issue. Far too few people are paying attention to either George Takei or this issue, and the most telling silence of all has been from wealthy western celebrities. As an American, it is my duty to make sure the internet becomes something more than a blur of detached, meaningless sound bytes, xenophobic tropes, and mindless infotainment. Accordingly, I wanted to do my tiny part to spread even more of Takei's vital humanitarian work:

Being that this post is essentially worthless, it took about 13 minutes to clip and paste dialogue onto a few pictures. Takei, though, is a professional. His team of photographers and IT specialists ensures that he doesn't need to so much as lift a marker: accessing his team's jpegs reveals that all of the cute sayings on his "notebook" are digitally generated by computer. Light and shading were photoshopped in to make sure that his letters stand out clearly and intelligently, in contrast to the slow-witted peons he is mocking. Not just in a simple way, either; layering effects and color variations make it look genuine at first glance, while making tampering with the image a little harder (the ones above haven't been tampered with; they are direct links to one of Takei's subcontractors).

Remember when liberated Iraqis toppled Saddam's statue? When Dubya landed on the aircraft carrier and the troops had an impromptu "Mission Accomplished" banner waiting for him? It's a safe bet that many of the morons misspelling obviously-erroneous statements against gay marriage are part of Takei's team.

Do the Harlem Globetrotters do all those alley-oops and ladders on purpose? Have you begun, yet, to suspect that the Washington Generals have thrown a game or two?

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