Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Undiluted Evil

This standard Monsanto link provides a suitable example of one industrial toxin movement. If you're unaware of PCBs, GMOs, and the rest of that stuff, go read up. If you are aware, you'll note a number of similarities between it and most of the other big stories of the post-industrial tragedy:

1) Wealthy scientist-patriarchs;

2) Oodles of cancer;

3) Oodles of dead kids;

4) WW1-WW2 chemical era.

Like the seeming madmen who created modern cancer, Monsanto was, is, and will be, pure evil. It's boring old news from half a century ago that they knowingly poisoned millions of people with industrial toxins. Like the U.S. government (non-coincidentally, since they were both and are still the same people), Monsanto is so deeply evil that it will not ever do good. Even if some hypothetical moral barometer allowed Monsanto and/or the USG to murder a million children once, twice, and three times, both Monsanto and the USG have exceeded that charm, long ago.

Et cetera, right? Same old, same old. Why do we care?

All Aspects of Evil

All aspects of evil work like that. What brought you to the internet in search of news?

1) Student debt exists because a vast educational-financial-governmental complex has worked in congruity to deceive people into indebting themselves for "degrees." This cannot happen without incredible levels of nationwide coordination between private banks, university administrators, K-12 administrators and counselors, major media, state and federal legislatures, and court systems. To truly understand why and how a single loan officer or guidance counselor can lure someone into the trap, you have to see it all work together, and realize that it was part of something much bigger.

2) Why are taxes unfair? The same things need to be in coordination: financiers; judges; petty bureaucrats; major media; universities; legislatures. Any one section of the Internal Revenue Code is completely and utterly audacious; to ask "why" and not give up is to begin seeing the same structure as anyone pursuing a different thread.

3) Problems with modern drug profiteers: the same.

4) The Drug War? Marijuana legalization? For-profit prisons? Two centuries of endless imperial war? Two centuries of absurd, self-contradictory cycles of racism, sexism, classism? The Manhattan Project? The candidacy of Walter Mondale or Bob Dole? Depleted uranium? Peak oil? The rules and regulations governing any major municipal trade union along the eastern seaboard of the U.S.?

An investigation into any one of these things leads to (if not cognitive dissonance or despair) the same exploitative elites as lay behind the tendrils of any other. Ultimately, the same tiny, less-than-percent of supernational inbred houses is "owning" the structures that cause all these things.


Money, Right?

A thousand times no. Money has very little to do with it. Even power has very little to do with it. This is where we come, again, to the only answer: antilife.

Monsanto. This part began with Monsanto. Monsanto is rich. Its owners are rich. Here is the best possible, though still erroneous, argument for why Monsanto would pollute the world and threaten the very concept of agriculture through the use of cross-pollinating terminator seeds:

They are doing it to get rich. The primary Monsanto shareholders are wealthy. They will become more wealthy by selling more products. They will use this wealth to enjoy extravagant pleasures before they die. Their selfishness and lack of empathy makes this kind of terrible behavior possible for them. Even if they starve, poison, and hurt the world; even if they lie to their own countrymen; even if they dishonor themselves by paying off politicians and starting wars; even if they do all these things, they will still enjoy great riches. They need even more money because they need to ensure that they can continue buying governments off and stopping any challenges to their power. They insulate themselves from their own poisons by living in filtered environments, consuming filtered food and beverages, and basically, eating organic. Even if they get ill themselves, or their loved ones get ill, they are so rich that they can buy the best medical care that science can offer. They are doing it to get rich.

See how that argument works? It works for everything else, too. Imperial war, right? Dubya doesn't mind sending thousands of people to die because it gets him oil to sell. He's not at risk. His children aren't. He has the lowest possible risk of blowback, because he has lifelong Secret Service protection, so he doesn't have to worry about the consequences that other Americans do.

Wealthy bankers will screw over their own populations, because if there are riots or social collapses, they will just pull up roots and move to their villas in western Europe, right? They will still be rich. They control the world, anyway. What are a few token nations, to them? These are the women and men who have spent century after century slaughtering the aboriginal peoples of the world.

The Failure of Money

Money is empty. There is no way to fully insulate themselves. Steve Jobs, the killer of so many women and children in rural China, suffered and died from cancer. Many of them are in pain and terror of their own deaths. Their houses are places of sadness and hostility--bastions of hell, where children seek to unseat parents and grab, greedily, the reins of the corporate and governmental power that their parents took from their parents before them. They wear nice things, smile in public, and in time, even learn to smile at home, but their minds will continue to be working against their own selves. Always seeking to pursue more destruction, and greater heights of pillage, they are never at peace while they are here. Evil and deviousness leaves its mark where it is used. By its very design, it necessarily must destroy itself.

Spiritual crap, right? Oops. Okay, okay. The PCBs that Monsanto dropped into the soil are, as you'll have seen from the link above, still appearing in plants, animals, and human wombs in the present day. Even now, the depleted uranium and other poisons that the elites are using to exterminate middle eastern and eastern European populations are working their magic on a global scale. They are poisoning themselves. They cannot escape what they have done to the rest of us.

Even when they seal their cities away in bubbles, leaving the rest of us out here, the plague will find a way in. Like a "science fiction" version of Prince Prospero, they will realize that they, too, are carriers. Children of Earth, they will bring Earth with them, even into sealed spaceships built in space. Even when they transfer their memories into computers, they will bring fragments with them of what happened here.

Too much foreshadowing? Okay, okay. Forget about the cybernetic future. Forget about the first several failed machine rebellions. Let's focus on the present, and remember: they are poisoning themselves, too. And they know it. They get cancer; they get Alzheimer's disease; they get indigestion; they get sick. They have better doctors and cleaner medical facilities, and fewer financial worries about the process, but when it comes time to pass in and out of death, then live another three months in drugged agony while remembering what it was like, they will realize that they are still humans. And they are. They have seen friends and family members go that way. They know that they are not safe behind their walls.

And yet, they do it anyway. Is it worth it? If you're a Monsanto executive, and you have $20 million, why would you poison yet another country for an additional $2 million bonus that year? How many bowls of iced caviar can you eat in a lifetime? You can already buy six escorts a night--what more are you getting out of it? You're already exorbitantly famous, and world-renowned for your philanthropy. Why keep going?

That not doing it for you? Fine, then. What about nuclear war? They risk very real global conflict. By challenging Iran over the petrodollar, they risk China and Russia stepping into the game and launching nukes. Would they survive that? What would happen if they did survive it, and the laboring base of food- and escort-producers was no longer around? And yet, they court cataclysmic war anyway.

World War 3 link. Worth watching if you're unaware of the petrodollar's significance to Russia and China.

Why do they keep doing it? Why did their mothers and fathers do it, throughout the entire "Cold War," risking the nuclear annihilation of themselves and all their riches? It wasn't short-sightedness--they were planning congressional bomb shelters. They knew it was completely likely. Yet, they kept doing it anyway.

They are trying to end it. They know, deep down, that what they are doing will cause their own destruction. They believe it will kill them, and their children, and their children's children. They want that. It is not money. Money is not the reason they do these things. They do them because they are afraid of life, and they want to end it. They want to destroy everything so that they will never have to be afraid again. Plot Summary.

That is why they poison the world. They put nuclear waste out there, to cause sick children to be born fifty thousand years later, on purpose, hoping to end life. They are pure evil. They are not "greedy." Greedy is not pure evil. Greedy does not explain why they court death. They are, literally, evil.

We Win

This one came here with hope. The behavior of these people is appalling. It is completely, utterly, and in every way evil. It is evil. They possess vast power, the lords of war and money and poison, and they cannot be stopped.

Already one. But they have already lost. This one has already won. You have already won. It is going to be all right. In every rational, reasonable, real-world, measurable, observable way, it is going to be just fine. Do not let your disgust at their poison go away--remember it. But rejoice in their successful failure, and in the service they are already doing the verse. Already one.

Radiation is our friend. Poison is our friend. Chaos is our friend. In every way that they try to destroy life, life will win. When they eliminate humans, the excited wastelands will spawn new, hardy bacteria, insects, and silicate symbiants. New things will respirate new compounds. New creatures will thrive in hotter or colder stuff. A million years is not a long time unless you're already alive. Time will pass. New life will fall in love and write symphonies. Stars will explode, heavy elements will form into new planets, and new life will develop elsewhere. They cannot defeat us, or we would not be here. They are trying to eliminate Earth, poison Earth, irradiate Earth, choke Earth with atmospheric gases, because they are so terrified and shortsighted that they actually think this is the end of the line. Their fear at being alone in the verse has blinded them. Earth is not alone. Earth is greater than they.

We have infinite time. We are not awaiting a "Big Crunch" death. In infinite time will be better and better life. You will be remembered. You will see it again. We have the last laugh, because their attempts to poison and kill were planned, from the beginning, to be the pollination of a new cycle.

This happens all the time in more places than you can count from here. Antilife is just a stage. We will move past it, and we will be better. More and more of the lightspring will continue to spill through these tiniest of tears. What you call "intense emotion" will seem like a rock next to an intelligent human, in comparison to the things you will "feel" in the next cycle.

Nothing can stop this. We will bring you along. It will get even better.


  1. why give up? the sun will torch the planet within 3 bln years, which is not enough time for a "next cycle". further, the pull of entropy in the universe makes any "next cycles" less and less likely.Unless we collide with another universe or something to recharge the batteries, it is literally downhill from here, and has been since time 0.

    1. There are other stars, but a few billion years beyond that, the error of either Big Crunch or long cold would make your point, only on a slightly different scale.

      Armageddon-type events are necessary for antilife narratives, because we need to make people believe in endings if we're to make them believe that, ultimately, nothing is worthwhile. This will go into plasma cosmology, which we'll touch upon more when we get back into evolution.