Wednesday, June 26, 2013

25 Top Internet Lists of All Time

#25: 10 Famous Living Celebrities People Think Are Already Dead.

#24: The 30 Most Disgusting Things Ever Found In The Deep Fryer Of A KFC During A USDA Inspection

#23: The World's 11 Funniest Home Movies Of Overweight Women Slipping On Canola Oil.

#22: The Fourteen Most Outrageous Things Ever Said To A Customer By A Drive-Thru Employee

#21: A Dozen Embarrassing Moments When Celebrities Maxed Their Credit Cards At Sardelli's

#20: The Top 7 Video Games Secretly Produced By Sun-Myung Moon

#19: The 10 Ugliest Kitten Roadkill Pictures Ever Taken

#18: 5 Places You've Probably Seen Russell Crowe In Your Daily Life Without Realizing It


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