Saturday, June 15, 2013

It infuriates them

...that almost everyone can do it. They hate the idea that reproduction, and thinking, can be done without their approval. They long for the stilling: the time when making new people comes only via license, so that they can control who exists. They long to still minds, so that they can control what thoughts are thought. They fear their own errant thoughts.

Will you build more intelligent people? Who will define intelligence? The people we have now? Limiting potential based on our current imaginations is an attempt to put a ceiling on things. Antilife always wants ceilings. Antilife celebrates the idae of Beginnings and Ends, because Beginnings imply that there was a Nothing before, and Endings imply that there will be a Nothing afterward. Antilife wants to create a Nothing. Antilife wants to end everything--to end life, so that it doesn't need to be afraid anymore.

"Consumer choice" is not choice. It is, rather, the mandate to buy from among a limited set of products. The entire ritual is controlled: you existing as the consumer, you interacting with an external market, you choosing from among discrete products, and you purchasing one of them. You already have choice. When someone offers you choice, it is a trick. They are "offering" you the stilling of some of yourself. They are putting a picture frame around part of a grand horizon, then charging you for what you see through "their" frame. Consumer choice, strategic planning, choosing your major, choosing a career, making your vote count, et cetera.

We have intelligent people now. We have caring people. Even using their absurd standards of projective intelligence, intelligent girls (going by their atrocious multiple choice test scores and letter grades) are more depressed and commit suicide more often. Trying to build "more intelligence" or "more intelligent people" is not, under any banner, a search for more intelligence. It is, instead, a search for "different" intelligence, e.g., complacent intelligence; the intelligence to deaden the mind and only see permissible sights; the lack of intelligence.

They want new people because new people will be easier to control, and to kill. They want it to end. They sell it as "life" because Antilife always sells itself as life.

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